Friday, June 1, 2007


As many of you know, we have rescued two dogs since the passing of our beloved Roxy. Our previous rescue, Pugsley, was saved from East Ridge, TN. He also has a sister that a rescue organization had taken in that is right here in NC. Unfortunately, it costs a good bit of money to retain these organizations. You have vet bills, feeding, grooming, etc. They are going to have to close down. There are nine dogs available for adoption. I am going to post the link so you all can visit and see them for yourselves.

"Hello, my name is Nikita. Can I come live with you I love children and I sure miss my brother, Pugsley. I need your help."

My heart goes out to Pugsley's sister, Nikita though. She is so adorable. A Kai Ken is a very special breed of dog. She is darker in color than Pugsley is. PLEASE, if you know anyone that would like an animal let me know ASAP!!! If I could, I would save them all. I know that one day I will probably be fostering myself and Trish and I would LOVE to have our own Rescue Organization. There are just too many precious pets out there for us to ignore. And they don't deserve to lose there life because the human race doesn't want to care for them. It's just sad!!!

My dogs are my children and they receive equal time with me each day just as my kids do. Right now, Mia is laying on my lap as I type this, Pugsley is sleeping right here int he corner of my office and Meadow is laying by my feet. They are wonderful and precious. I would be lost without there love and companionship. And I know they would be lost without me as well. Please pray about rescuing one of these pets. If you are in another state, I'll arrange transportation for you. I'll drive them there if I have to myself. Have a great day everyone!!!

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Karen519 said...

Here is the link to All Dogs Heaven rescue that is closing.
they are in Troutman, N.C.
Nikita really needs a home of her own, but so do the Lab Pups and The 2 Border Collies need a place to rest their little head, but Noelle, the Lab Pups Momma, needs a loving home, too!!

Pls. E-mail Julia if you would like to see one of these precious dogs!

Julia's e-mail: