Friday, June 29, 2007

A fun day at PreK

Well, yesterday was quite an interesting day at preschool! We were busy playing in shaving cream, fingerpainting, and celebrating "Ooey Gooey" week. Well, it got a little too crazy for my aide Michelle and I. We have a very sweet little girl in our class that just turned two not long ago......she LOVES playing with baby dolls. And she is very maternal and nurturing to them. In fact, a little TOO nurturing!! After snack, she called for me to tell me she was "feeding her baby". When I turned to look........she was indeed feeding her baby! She had her shirt lifted up and the baby doll was latched onto her skin, if ya know what I mean. When Michelle saw this, I thought she was going to fall over!! I've never seen anyone's jaw hit the ground so fast. So, we decided to just ignore her since the other kids were playing fine and not really noticing what she was doing. It was close to 45 minutes when we noticed that she was still nursing her baby......but was beginning to draw interest from another little girl in the class about what she was doing. Michelle and I both looked at each other and intently watched as she burped the baby and switched positions to continue feeding the doll. Then we hear her tell the other little girl some specific details about how to nurse the doll. That was IT!!! I bailed out to find our terrific director because I wasn't about to have the other little girl go home and tell her mother that she learned to nurse a baby doll at preschool. Especially since this little girl HAS NO SIBLINGS at home!! LOL So, with my directors help, we talked both little girls into putting their dolls in the crib in the hallway to sleep for the rest of the school day. And let me tell you, MICHELLE AND I INTEND TO KEEP THOSE DOLLS THERE FOR THE REST OF THE SUMMER!!! I have NEVER had an experience like that!!!

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