Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A "ventful" day so far.....

Okay, I don't usually do this but I need to have a major breakdown right now!! I am so irritated and so worn out of catering to Brittany and having to explain so many simple things to here all the time that I'm just biting my tongue as hard as I can not to lash out at her!!! I swear she was born a blonde and they must have died her hair in the nursery!!! She is almost 18 years adult.......and has sooooo much maturing to do. I know it's nothing to brag about, but when I was her age, I was pregnant and becoming a wife (big mistake on that wife part....should have listened to my parents better). I can't even get her to clean her room without reminding her every single day or bringing it up to her! It's like you have to be her eyes and ears all the time. And her decisions are getting careless again. The other day, her choir teacher from school called and told her she had to come back into school this week from 8a-11a to make up hours because she didn't attend graduation. Okay, she never told me that she had to go to graduation. In fact, she swears up and down that the teacher told her she didn't have to take the final unless she had missed days. When in fact, the teacher said if you weren't going to be able to make graduation or had days missed you were to take the final. Oh, she misunderstood.....then going through her notebook, she found the paper stating that it was a requirement for all show choir members to not only attend graduation, but PERFORM!! Her teacher made her write an apology note to the senior's to explain why she wasn't there.......UUUUURRRRGGGGG!!!!!!!

She knows that she's stressing me out and that she's being lazy. I am starting to wonder and worry about grades coming in. They should arrive anytime next week. Another example is that she's waited over a year and a half to take her driver's test.....okay, I can understand a few months until she's ready...but now it's getting so busy around this house that I could use an extra hand. Especially once Eric starts serving his time at Bragg in the fall. I don't know how to approach her anymore than I have. I've tried the show and tell treatment where I show her how to do everything exactly the way it should be done, reminders, huffing and puffing, lol.....I'm just ready for the bridge!!!!

Sunday, I told her to go ahead and pick up her room, vacuum it really good and then get the carpet shampooer out to shampoo her carpet. I've done it twice since we've lived here and she still can't learn to keep her nailpolish and make-up off the's like she doesn't care how it looks. Well, I was hoping that she'd see that it's no fun shampooing the carpet and that it makes you tired and you hurt like an alley cat the next day..........well, plan failed. Today is WEDNESDAY and she is JUST NOW starting to shampoo her carpet!!! Her excuse for waiting until today, "I just thought you'd set everything up for me to do when "mom" was ready". Paris Hilton, do you have room in that cell for me???
Of course, what happens next you might say..........haha. She doesn't vacuum her room and clogs up the shampooer with all of her long red hair. So I have to take the entire thing apart, two hours worth of work, and fix it. Now, I'm sitting here while she is running the thing thinking I should just do everything myself so that I don't have to keep fixing everything. But how will she know how to do anything when she gets out on her own? I'd let her try to fall more around here but it affects me and drives me absolutely cuckoo!!!! And I don't mean that I want Cocoa Puffs either.

I can pretty much predict that my summer is going to be a bummer.....with the exception of my preschoolers probably! Eric is around the house all summer until he reports for duty at Bragg and with me working AND doing all the chores it's not going to be pleasant. Especially when the others are just sitting around watching television or pickin' their nose! Who knows! I may be the next missing mom/wife on Fox News that you hear about........don't come looking for me either if my cricut is missing. That means it was a voluntary move. If my cricut is still here, you better put out an APB on me though........I'll never leave home w/o the cricut machine. LOL Or Mia Sue. Lordy, now I'll have to take Mia, Meadow and Pugsley because I would worry about them too much. Oh lord, what to do!!!

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