Monday, June 11, 2007

No more laundry....please!!!

Mia Sue sitting at Brandon's baseball game this week...isn't she sweet?

What a day! It seems like I can't catch a break to scrap for anything these past few weeks! Today, I had to finish up last minute lesson plans for preschool starting tomorrow. Well, I guess it was more time consuming than I expected it to be. Plus, I did like 7 loads of laundry. That's all I do! Day in and day out!!! I'm sick of laundry........yuck!

Tomorrow we begin summer camp at the preschool and I am looking forward to it. I have missed the kids just having a week off! They are truly special to me. Brady went to a day camp today sponsored by the County Sheriff's Department. He seemed to have enjoyed it and learned a good bit. Tomorrow they are going to Polk County to the Correctional Facility there.....I had to sign a permission slip stating I knew the risk........geez, thanks!!! Maybe this will help him a little bit with his attitude. I sure hope so! He gets to go all week and the best part is that IT'S FREE!!! I was amazed. They even provide lunch! Of course, I found out today that it was cafeteria food from the Hey, they have good cooks in the jail, I remember my dad always commenting on how well they cooked at the jail.

Well, it sounds like it is going to get ready and storm here again. We've had some thunderstorms off and all this evening. Nothing drastic yet though. It would be nice if we'd get a good downpour of rain. The grass is so dry here. Well, it's time for Bill O'Reilly so I need to find out what's happening in the world of politics.


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