Friday, June 22, 2007

Continue to pray for Jessie....

Anyone that really knows me can tell you that every once in a while I really get caught up in what is happening in the world around us. The case of poor Jessie Davis, the nine month pregnant mother in Ohio, has shaken me up quite a bit this week. I have truly shed tears at night praying for the return of this mother and for her family. There are so many cruel and sick people in this world.......we aren't safe no matter where we go or what we do! Every day there is another person missing, another child molested, or another teen killed. In fact, people have gotten so brave that they do it in broad daylight in major department stores! I just want to ask everyone to continue to pray that they find this poor 26 year old mother alive. And that her precious soon-to-be daughter, whom she has chosen to name Chloe, is find alive also. This case in some ways takes me back to Nicole Brown Simpson and the pain that family had felt. Along with Ronald Goldman's family. Also, continue to pray for her sweet little boy, Blake......praise God that child was not hurt in anyway being left alone in that house for who knows how long! Anything could have happened to him. He seems to be very bright and articulate. These are real people that are hurting. Real people hoping and yearning for the return of their precious daughter, sister, mother, friend. If I could drive to Canton, Ohio right now and help out with the search, my parents can tell ya I would in a heartbeat! But for now, I will continue to pray and hope for them.

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