Sunday, June 17, 2007

Just thought I'd do a little sharing....

Well, with today being Father's Day and all.......I thought I'd share a few pics of my dad with you all. Being out of state, this is my gift to him.

Of course, this is a picture of my dad and I when I was a cute little innocent thing.....hehe. Hard to believe I'd grow up to be the crazy girl that I am....

This is my dad and I on his motorcycle. I can't really remember that much about riding it.....other than he and my mom fell off of it in my mamaw and papaw's gravel driveway once. Boy, I sure look cool with those sunglasses on.....can ya tell it was the 70's at least??

Now, this is a pretty scary picture because it contains my sister, Robyn. Talk about a handful!! The girl was down right mean to me when I was little. Of course, she looks a lot more like my dad with the dark features and all.

And of course, you can't celebrate your dad on Father's Day without celebrating his dad as well. My grandpa was a hardworking and crazy man. HILARIOUS!!! So, when you all get your crazy phone calls from me pretending to be someone else pulling a prank on ya, those are the two I get it from sitting in the back of that truck right there. Of course, my mom isn't so innocent.

I hope that everyone had the opportunity to grow up with a hardworking, dedicated and loving father like I did. Nothing has ever been to small for him and he never takes no for an answer. He sets his goals high and achieves them. My sister and I were always kept safe and educated about the things of the world that could harm us because my dad saw much more than any father should have to see with his job in law enforcement. He had compassion for his job.......and it made us proud to know he was out there protecting all the children in our community, not just us. And he continues to do that today...........if he can step up and make a difference, he WILL.

He is talented in many ways.......but I must warn you....HE LOVES EARS!!!!

Happy Father's Day Dad!


Rhonda, Robyn, & Molly

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