Saturday, September 29, 2012

WVU Football - To Become a Mountaineer

Emotional Week

It's been a pretty emotional week for my family.  Brady and Brandon lost a close friend on Tuesday afternoon.  Brandon is taking it extremely hard.  As a mother, I'm struggling to explain why someone so young would be taken from us.  But that is so hard to do when I myself do not quite understand why these things happen.  I have been so overwhelmed with grief for this family.  I remember watching Trey run around the baseball field as if it were yesterday.  He was a very talented and intelligent young man. 

It's situations like this that make us all appreciate life more.  At least it should.  It also makes me hurt for my husband because of the struggles he's had with his ex over his younger two children.  That, in itself is a completely different post.  He is so thankful to have his son Josh in his life.  But he deserves an opportunity to have a relationship with his other two children.

I don't know why so many parents use their children as weapons during or after a divorce.  I am very thankful that I have never put my children in that situation.  But I do believe that those who have used their children as pawns are only hurting their children more.  No matter what their age may be.

Like I said, that's an entirely different post and if I post about it right now, I'll just get angry.  I guess the point I'm focusing on is that I'm not sure he'd even be notified if his son or daughter had something bad happen to them.  And to me, that is selfish and inconsiderate.  We never know what our lives will hold from one day to the next.  We may laugh with our children today and be placing them in the ground tomorrow.  It's sad.  But it's reality in today's world.

I am so thankful that God is a forgiving God.  You don't know how I pray for his children and ex-wife each and every night.  As well as Josh's mom.  She has struggles of her own and doesn't know Christ.  I feel obligated to lift her up because Josh is a part of her and without her, we wouldn't have Joshua in our lives.  But that goes both ways.  Without my husband,  his ex wouldn't have Johnathan or Paige in her life.  She wouldn't have the blessings from her children that she has had the opportunity to share with them over the years. 

Okay, I gotta stop because I don't want this post to be about anything else other than Trey and how much he meant to my boys.  It's going to take a lot of prayer to help them get through their grief, especially Brandon.  But it's going to take more prayer to help his mother and family to be comforted through this tragic loss.  We shouldn't have to bury our children!

Tell your children each and every day how much you love them.  No matter how old they are.  Hug them when you have that chance and cherish every moment you have with them.  Not just those happy times.....but the arguments as well.  Be thankful you have them to argue with.  Be thankful for what you do have and that God entrusted you with them.

I heard this song by Big Daddy Weave this week while I was listening to their new CD.  It spoke to what we have went through this week. 

Sorry for my rant, I am just emotional and frustrated.  And I just want everyone to have an opportunity to love their children.

If You Died Tonight

I don’t have it all together
Sometimes I find myself asking why oh why
But I know we don’t have forever
So I’d be a fool to let this moment pass us by
So at the risk of sounding crazy let me ask you
If you died tonight, where would you be
Where would your soul spend eternity
Jesus gave His life
If you’d just believe it changes everything
If you died tonight
You can call me narrow minded
But I believe that in your heart there lies the proof
And if you look down deep you’ll find it
An empty place that is pointing to the Truth
You can hear His voice inside you
Gently asking
Say I need You
I can’t live without You
Come and fill my life with Your glory, God

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy "Late" Birthday

 Yesterday was a very crazy Monday and I didn't get half of the things on my to-do list accomplished.  I had a doctors appointment after work and of course, they gave my the wonderful flu shot and did blood work.  More needles....great way to start a week! 

Yesterday was my husband's birthday.  We had a nice dinner but plan to celebrate this week-end because I have bronchitis......which is why I'm blogging this morning because I ended up missing work today due to a slight fever and coughing all night.

I love celebrating my husbands birthday because it reminds me of when we meet and first got together.  It was around his birthday in Germany and that's when I realized, well we both realized, we had found our soul mate.  We have our ups and downs but that only makes us stronger! He is my very best friend.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.  This chick will be veggin' out on the couch recuperating so I can get back to work tomorrow. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

What A Week-end!

This week-end has just flown by. I got so much accomplished for the upcoming month and even some housework.  But my week-end didn't start out very well.  Friday was my enemy for some reason.

To start off, I knew Friday would be a little difficult because it would have been my grandmother's birthday.  Her and my grandpa are always on my mind but special occasions just seem to be a little more emotional for me anymore. 

We were reviewing our apple unit this week at school and we were having an apple tasting during snack.  Well wouldn't you know I ended up slicing my thumb instead of the dang apple! None of the kids noticed.  I just nonchalantly got up and walked out of the classroom into the office.  My director was flipping out because there was so much blood!! She  kept telling me to stop squeezing it as I ran it threw cool water until she realized I wasn't even touching it!

Luckily, there was a parent in the building that is a nurse and she came to answer the question we were all wondering.....did I need stitches?? Thank goodness I did not have to get stitched up. She bandaged it up for me and told me to apply pressure and a cold pack. 

Now, on top of that, I am allergic to latex so I can't use regular bandages.  I usually carry my own with me but only had two with me (who would have thought I'd need four or five!).  I bleed for about 3 1/2 hours.....soaked half a roll of paper towels and kept on working!

My director called me Friday night to check on me and just couldn't get over the fact that I continued to work the remainder of the school day.  Yes, it hurt and it was messy looking, but I didn't amputate the thing....why not work?

It is still pretty sore and completely black and blue.  I guess I have to wait for the skin to fall completely off.  Needless to say, I will not be using a knife in the near future!!! After seeing all that blood splatter everywhere it reminded me once again that dropping out of nursing school was definitely the right decision.  I think seeing the blood actually made me feel worse than the cut itself. 

So, I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a much better school day.  I do have my six month check-up with my doctor tomorrow afternoon.  I can't say I'm looking forward to that.  The last thing I need is more life challenges. 

Tomorrow is also my husband's birthday so I have to find time to do something special for him.  Right now, I believe he thinks I forgot! How could I forget the love of my life?

Well, off to relax in a warm bubble bath.  Have a super week everyone!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ways to Love

Hope that everyone is having a wonderful week! I saw this and just had to share.  It speaks volumes and if we all lived our lives according to the Word of  God, we would be happier.  

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Sweet Sixteen My Sweet Son

Wow! 16 years ago today I gave birth to one of the most amazing young men that have ever known.  He is my sweet Brandon.  All of my children are wonderful in so many ways but Brandon just has such a maturity about him and he is full of so much compassion and love.  He is way too much like his mama though! He bores if he has too little to do and must have his plate overwhelming full to function.....yep, just like his mama! :o)

I've been joking with him that he won't be 16 until this evening though.  And on top of that, California time! Hehe

God has truly blessed me with healthy and talented children.  Brandon has his goals set high and I know that he will achieve them.  He desires to defend our country and one day lead it.  I have no doubts that he will succeed.

Happy birthday baby boy! You'll always be my little Stitch!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Just Flippin' Mad

Oh how I wish it was a holiday week-end and I could head for the hills of West Virginia! I am so irritated with my husband right now I could just scream.  In fact, the past few days, we haven't spoken a word to each other.  I just don't feel like wasting my energy and oxygen if I'm not being heard.  And of course it's all over something stupid. 

For some reason, his family thinks that we are blessed financially to just pass money out to them anytime that they ask for it.  If that were true, we certainly wouldn't be living here and would have a nice home on the beach somewhere or in the mountains! Every time they are in a bind or need anything, they call him.  The good thing is that he doesn't make decisions without consulting me first.  But when it comes to explaining it to him as too why we can't help them's like having to explain to a three year old why they shouldn't take a toy away from a friend.  I have to state the reasons in five or six different scenarios for him to even come close to getting it! And then, I don't even think he does.  Actually, I don't think he WANTS to understand the real reasoning that we aren't a flippin' ATM!

I love his sister, don't get me wrong.  We get along well until it comes to something like this because she flat out knows that I do not like her sneaking behind my back to get my husband involved in such things.  She doesn't work, her husband only works when he feels like it and they use what money they do have coming in for recreational activities that I do not approve of.  If they paid their bills, even TRIED, and acted responsibly it might be different.  I just don't see why my household should be living on the edge and go without to support them. 

The only ones that I feel we should ever have to help out are our kids.  We've helped Josh out several times and he's paid us back.  He's our son though.  It's our job to help support them.  My poor daughter Brittany is too much like me and refuses to ask for help or take a hand-out.  It just amazes me what folks expect you to do for them.  We aren't wealthy and we live within our means.  In fact, we JUST live within our means.  The economy sucks and some weeks are tighter than others.  But if one of our kids called us this evening needing financial help, I'd bend over backwards to try and help them.  Whether it be Brittany, Jonathan, or any of our  seven children, I'd do what I could.

I guess I am just tired of folks expecting a free pass in life.  Yes, they may say they'll pay it back, but if you're $800 behind in rent because you want to go blow every dime at the local flea market, how in the world should I trust I'm going to get my money back???

To top it off, after they call and ask him for "a loan" and he tells them he has to discuss it with me first, he dumps it on me to have to call and tell them no! Hello??? Did they call and ask me? So after about 4 hours of him stewing around he finally called to tell them no.  Now, all is silent here because he feels bad for them.  I can't say that I don't, but as I said, if they treated their money with responsibility it MIGHT (and that's a very strong might) be different. 

I don't have a problem being the bad guy.  Actually, I'm the responsible one and my hubby can't have a dime without wanting to spend it.  He's like a kid in a candy store when it comes to that.  I'm the strict one and make sure bills are paid first and we always have a little left for something fun or extra. 

Wow.....I have to admit that stroking the keys of the keyboard to vent has helped quite a bit already.  I'll just wait for the storm to pass and for them get over themselves.  It hasn't helped that work has been stressful the past few days either.  But yet, I will praise Him in this storm as well.

Hope all my blog land friends are having a much better week!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Well, the first week of school has been challenging but full of smiles! The children are adapting well and making new friends.  I simply love this time of year!

The weather has been the only downfall thus far.  Rainy days are always the hardest during the school year....especially for the boys!  And since my class consists of 22 boys and 8 girls, they need that outside time!

Brady is doing well and I have enjoyed learning how to use Skype to keep in touch with him "visually."  Ray began working at a new job site this week.  For now he has normal hours but he feels OT lingering just around the corner.  

I spoke with my Mamaw on Saturday and the poor thing cried most of the time.  She misses being in her own home so much.  It just breaks my heart to hear her so down and depressed.  But she also knows that it's the best thing for her. 

Brandon has actually found a class that is too challenging for  They changed curriculum on his Algebra II AP Honors this year and from what he says, the teacher's don't even understand it.  He'll get through it.  He's never found a single thing to defeat him yet.

Well, off to spend time with my four-pawed babies.  Bella just sits by my side most afternoons with that look on her face that says "is it time for me yet?"

Thanking God for all my many blessings!