Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Sweet Sixteen My Sweet Son

Wow! 16 years ago today I gave birth to one of the most amazing young men that have ever known.  He is my sweet Brandon.  All of my children are wonderful in so many ways but Brandon just has such a maturity about him and he is full of so much compassion and love.  He is way too much like his mama though! He bores if he has too little to do and must have his plate overwhelming full to function.....yep, just like his mama! :o)

I've been joking with him that he won't be 16 until this evening though.  And on top of that, California time! Hehe

God has truly blessed me with healthy and talented children.  Brandon has his goals set high and I know that he will achieve them.  He desires to defend our country and one day lead it.  I have no doubts that he will succeed.

Happy birthday baby boy! You'll always be my little Stitch!

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