Thursday, April 26, 2007

Our SWARM challenge

Well, a few weeks back, I went to a SWARM in South Carolina for the day. Now, for those of you not of the cricut or scrapbooking world, this is something women do together to make cards, photo albums, etc. Well, we had a contest to see who could come out with a LO using the goody bag we were given there. This is my complete work. It was challenging....but I must say, I'm pretty impressed with it. Not to mention it's my first 12x12 LO. Can't wait to do another one in a few weeks!! Anyhow, if you don't understand, just enjoy the picture!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

I hope everyone had a terrific week-end. Ours seemed to be alright, with a baseball practice here and there, scouting events, etc. But I'm always glad when Monday rolls around because that is MY day off!! At least I try to make it that way. Mothers never have a second off, let a lone an entire day!!! Brandon has a baseball game tonight and the weather seems to be pretty fair today. It's a bit winding though. I did a fun job this morning....I cleaned out the refrigerator. Now, for those of you who have been to my house know that I have a very big refrigerator and the inside isn't what gives me the headache. It's the stainless steel outside!!!!! Although beautiful for the first five minutes after I clean and polish it, a mass of fingerprints the very second the kids (that includes Eric) go to open it. I can't understand WHY they can't pull the handle to open it up. Why must they place their hands all over the doors? It's not like there is a sign that says, "Fingerpainting today, imprint here!" So, I have gotten to enjoy it the past few hours........fingerprint free.........only another hour and a half to go!!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Another night of excitement!

Brady really played well in his game last night.......they won 9 to 7 against the Brewers. Brady stole second and third base all in one play. He's a quick little booger. He also caught two pop fly balls playing right field. He may just make it to the majors yet!!

We are going to be busy cleaning today and I have to begin working on my scrap layout from last Saturday. Eric will probably be outside working in the yard......I know he stated already that he'd be heading to Lowe's. Lordy!! Help us all......he has sooo much stuff out there and keeps on getting more (kind of like my scrap room I guess...hehe).

Hope you all have a great Saturday!!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Baseball anyone?

Well, we have begun baseball season! Tuesday evening both of the boys played and they both won their games. It was a nice night for baseball too. Last night, Brandon played against one of his best friends and my preschool director's it was a fun competition as well. The Reds (Brandon's team) was actually beating the Dodgers 6-4 until the last inning and then they over threw a few balls and the Dodgers caught up. They ended up going into overtime......and lost by one run. It was a great game!!

Brady plays against the Brewers tonight so we will have to see how well his team does. Brady is so quick and loves to slide that he is hard to stop once he's running those bases. It's just getting to first base that he has to really concentrate on.

Here is a pic of Brandon's game the other night. I'll try to post some of Brady's tomorrow. Please continue to remember those families that have lost loved ones in the Virginia Tech tragedy and continue to pray for all of our schools around the country. These copycat bomb threats and lockdowns are starting to really concern a lot of our preschool parents and me as a parent as well. Brittany said that they had a bomb threat at her high school yesterday and they bought in the drug dogs. We need to pray for our children, our soldiers and all of those out there that have lost family members or have soldiers overseas fighting for our country. Also, I pray that someone will be bold enough to finally shut that horrible cult up that is picketing all of the funerals of our soldiers, these poor VT students, the miner's of WV, etc. They are cruel and a disgrace to those of us that are truly baptists.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"Just A Swarming!!"

It's been a few days of crazy weather here! We didn't have power Sunday evening or on my day off Monday. Baseball season started last night as well, so now that spring break is over, I don't have as much time to post.......I'll just have to get back into the routine again! Here is a group photo of all the ladies that went to the scrapbooking crop this past week-end. I had so much fun and I cannot wait to get together with them again!! It was like we've known each other all our was GREAT!!!
I will post pictures of the boys first baseball game last night some time tomorrow. They both won so that's a great way to open up the season!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Meadow's Birthday Celebration

Here is the famous "Miss Trish" giving all the puppers a treat yesterday. They ran around and played so good together. Even played a little soccer! Pugsley was so well behaved and Solo is just GORGEOUS!!! Mia was even pretty comfy around them, although she stayed on the porch and didn't participate in the tag chase. She was probably afraid she'd hurt one of them. Haha They are beautiful dogs.....and all of them rescue pups.

The other picture is of Brady and Vader........can you believe they were going to put that beautiful black lab down within hours of Trish rescuing him? It's heartbreaking!!! Well, I'm off to prepare for the SWARM tomorrow. Got pizzelles to make and chocolate cream cheese muffins to bake. I'll try to post some more pics tonight if I can.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Today is my sweet Meadow's first birthday!!! We are going to be celebrating tomorrow with some rescue friends so I will post pics. I have done nothing except run back and forth to the restroom due to DORIS DILEMMA most of today!!! LOL There are a few women who know what that is........oh Doris, Doris........I'm so sorry!!!!

Anyhoot, I am getting ready for a big scrapbooking crop in Charlotte this week-end. I am so excited I can barely stand it!!!! Wish my mom was going though.

So, Miss Meadow is a year old and prancing around here like she knows that means she is a big girl. Pugs could care less b/c he just want to be at mama's feet! LOL Mia Sue, well, she just wants them both to disappear!!

Listen, if some nut called QBALL ends up putting comments on here, I know where you live!!! Take a bath will ya!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Master's Card

Just thought I'd share my daily worship devotional with you all. Pugs is doing well and we didn't need to call Rotor Rooter after all!! Hope everyone is doing great! I'm going to post some pics of the kids later this week.....we are off to the dentist today! Joy! Joy!!


There are some things money can't buy, for everything else there's Master Card. We've all seen the ads. However, there is also a different card. It's the Master's Card.

There are no finance charges, no payments due. Your bill has already been covered - it's a prepaid deal. None of us could afford the price, so Jesus stepped in and paid it for us.
Your name is written on the card for all to see. It is accessible 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world.

The Master's Card has so many benefits it's hard to list them all. Just for starters there is unlimited grace. That's right, there is no preset limit to the amount of grace you receive from the Master's Card.

Have you been looking for love in all the wrong places? Then, look no farther than the Master's Card. It offers the greatest rate on love that has ever been offered. The Master's Card gives you access to many "members only" benefits. Want real joy despite the difficulties of life? Apply for the Master's Card. Want a lasting peace? Apply for The Master's Card. Looking for something you can always rely on in a jam? The Master's Card is perfect for you.

Another great thing about the Master's Card is that it never expires and will never be canceled.
Once you're a member, you're a member for life...eternal life, that is. Membership has its privileges, you know. So why not apply today? It's only a prayer away.....
--Author Unknown

Sunday, April 8, 2007

I think we may need to call Rotor Rooter!!!

Well, this is just such an embarrassing situation! Poor ol' Pugs was hunting through the laundry hamper Saturday afternoon and got his teeth wrapped around his best buddies, undies! Well, when I noticed that he was trying to pull them out between those little slots in the hamper, he took off with it, ran in circles around my dining room table, and when I FINALLY got a hold of his tail, he swallowed them. WHOLE!!! I mean, we're talking size 32 Hanes Briefs here!!! And Pugs is, well, no more than 45 lbs. So, I'm chilling out all day trying to get this dog to pinch a loaf! He's pinched quite a few and NO UNDIES!!! The little guy is eating and playing just fine and I'm just about ready to get the Flax Enema out that my grandmother use to make my grandpa endure!! (that's another story, and for the most part, another demintion!) So, keep your fingers crossed that this pups take a dump soon and REAL SOON!! And I hope that it is when my neighbors AREN'T home because I don't want them to see me digging through his drainage to clean up the mess. The last thing this neighborhood needs is a pair of men's underwear floating around!! LOL have a good night everyone!
P.S. "Photo's to follow!"

Happy Easter!

Wow! We've already had a long day........up at 5:30 and at church by 7 am for sunrise service. It is so cold here that everyone had to reconfigure their wardrobes and didn't get to wear all their new Easter goodies......but we all enjoyed being with our church family today.

Here in the south, breakfast is a very big we had homemade "angel" biscuits after our sunrise service. If you have ever attended our church, you know that they have a reputation of their own......delicious!!!

There were many music specials today, including Brittany singing the closing song The Tomb Is Empty. Praise God that it is!!! I had the utmost privilege of playing the part of Mary, mother of Jesus today, in a monologue. Whew! Now I can sing in front of strangers, no problem. But put me up there to speak, it's a different story (yes, I know you all are sitting there thinking, "Rhonda,?? problem with talking??!!") Hello!! There IS a difference is talking to friends and speaking by memory. I thank God though because He got me through it, word for word, line for line. The butterflies had even filtrated out of my stomach!

I hope you all have a blessed Easter today and you remember the true reason we celebrate it. It IS that the tomb is empty, that our Saviour was resurrected. And that my dear friends, is what gives us the opportunity to receive eternal life. Remember your ABC's, Admit, Believe, Confess....and you shall be saved.

Enjoy this holiday and CELEBRATE!!

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Meadow & Happy Bear

If Brandon only knew that Meadow was cuddling up with his precious Happy Bear, sparks would be flying around the Kelly household! I guess Brandon forgot to put Happy in his special place before leaving this afternoon and Meadow has found him and decided to cuddle up with Him herself. But how can you say no to that sweet little face!!!

I remember when Roxy had gotten a hold of Happy Bear! She had just slobbered on him and Brandon through a fit! He had to give Happy a bath and blow dry him!! Little did he know, he was blow drying Happy way to close so he burnt a hole in his stomach. That crazy bear wore a band-aid for two months and Roxy never heard the end of it! I sure hope Meadow doesn't leave any evidence that she was snoozing with Happy!!

"Pizza anyone?"

Our little weblo has got to earn one of his merit badges. In order to
do that, he needs to fix the family supper. Ha!! I'm not sure who was worse, Brandon or his big sister, Brittany!! The pizza may look good.....but it wasn't so tasty! YUCK!!

Friday, April 6, 2007

Roxy.....the one who stole my heart!

This is our beloved Roxy.......the one who truly touched my heart. We lost her in October, 2006. A month after we had moved to NC, she showed up one hot afternoon peeking through our window. She proceeded to make herself at home in our garage. Once we found out who her owner was, she continued to break away from her chain and come back to our house. After a few weeks, I approached the owner and asked if she ever thought of selling Roxy. She flat out told me I could just have her!! It was heartbreaking to hear someone want to hand over such a beautiful dog, but it filled my heart with so much joy. Roxy helped me adjust to life here in NC.....she kept me from being depressed at that time because I was really starting to miss my family back home. But she helped me fill that void. Even though I had Mia Sue, Roxy was different. She was spunky!! The girl loved to run off and roll in the cow manure in the pasture across from us!! There were some nights I just wanted to gag!! LOL

When I had my surgery last March, they had to keep her away from me the first few days incase she jumped on me. But once she saw me lying in the bed, she laid right by my side, just like she knew. She was a sweet girl. I can't go into details of losing her because I am still trying to deal with it myself. Those who were with me through it can tell you I was lost without her. When we decided to rescue Meadow, I knew it would be what Roxy wanted and even though Meadow is not Roxy, she can help me fill the void of having a large dog around. Then, after Meadow came Pugsley, and if I had MY way, the entire house would be filled with rescue dogs and Eric would be living in his new garage with the kids! LOL

Oh believe me, there are more yet to come.........hehe

Good Friday

Last night, I had the privilege of experiencing a very somber, yet comforting event at our church. As we gathered to partake in the Lord's Supper like we do every year at this time, our Pastor moved forward to Good Friday and the events that happened during that day. Now, I'm sure all of you have read the Easter story at some time or other and all of the events that lead up to the crucifixion of Jesus, but have you ever really LISTENED to what had happened to him?

Last night, as we sat in darkness and listened to these events unfold, I felt as if I was right there in the crowds as they persecuted my Lord and Savior. I was among the many women crying out for my Savior not to be beaten and wounded the way that He was. I was there with Mary Magdalene, James and Jesus' mother Mary as they cried out for Him to be set free. I felt His humility, His disappointed in the disciples not being able to hold their heads up for ONE little hour to keep watch as He prayed to His Father to let this cup pass from Him. I felt the loneliness He must have felt as He was torn away from the only friends and family He had.......His disciples, to be portrayed by someone He trusted. It's not just a story.....and no matter how many excuses the world tries to make or how much proof they believe they have uncovered, His Word tells us that He was the sacrificial Lamb. The blood He shed saved us all.......from the worst sinner, to the least. We WERE with Him that day. We drove those nails into His hands, placed that crown of thorns upon His precious head. We were, at some point in our lives, the soldier that pierced His side with that spear! And yet, His very last words were those of forgiveness and love. "Father, forgive them, for they know NOT what they are doing!." And as He hung His head and uttered "It is finished," He was thinking of you and I.

As the members of our congregation left the service in complete silence last night, I had a very difficult time trying to remove myself from the sanctuary. I felt as if I had went back in time, and that I didn't want to leave my Savior's side. I wanted to scream at the soldiers for making a mockery out of my Savior! I wanted them to feel every ounce of torture that they placed upon Him. But as I sat there, I realized, that I too crucified Him with my past sins. As the lights began to come back on in the sanctuary, I still did not want to leave. I felt compelled to stay and mourn my Savior. I felt as if one of my closest family members had died and it was time for that final good-bye to take place. That's where the beauty of it all comes into play. I don't have to say good-bye to my Savior because HE IS ALIVE!! And one day, I will have the privilege to kneel at His feet, kiss those nail scarred hands and thank Him for loving me oh so much so that I could spend eternity with Him.

This Easter season, remember that YOU were on His mind while he hung upon that cross. As they drove each nail deeper and deeper into His hands and feet, YOU were on His mind. He loved us all enough to be the perfect and everlasting sacrifice. And then He did what everyone claimed He could never do. He arose from the grave, ascended into Heaven and He is sitting at the right hand of the Father awaiting our arrival. He is with us now if we just call upon His name. I felt His presence last night.......and I sit here broken hearted this morning as I think of the events that happened on that day He gave His life for us. And come Sunday, I will celebrate and praise Him for conquering the grave! Oh, I pray that you too will be celebrating with me.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Mary-Resurrection Reflection

Just thought I would share this. It is that time of year. I have the honor of portraying Mary in our Easter Service this year. I have began to look at Mary's life in a different way by realizing how deep her pain was to watch her Son die the way He did.

A year has passed since my son died. Yet, today I am truthfully glad that he did.
Oh, mine has been a life of unbelievable contrasts. I have gone from doubt to belief as readily as gray skies to blue. I was but a girl when I learned that I would be the mother of God with skin. He would be born in such a humble way that I began to doubt if indeed this wriggling infant was the promised Child. "Yet", my spirit argued, "how could it be otherwise you have never been with a man. This child is indeed a miracle".

Then there were the shepherds who visited and described their own angelic visit and my mind confirmed what my spirit had been saying - this child was God's Son.
I would have other children and the task of being mother to my brood made the miraculous far too untouchable. I had noses to wipe and spills to clean up and squabbles to settle.

Passover would come and Jesus would attend with Joseph and me. We were on our way home when I had one of those moments not completely unknown to mothers. I suddenly knew, without knowing how, that Jesus was not among the caravan. A quick search confirmed my suspicions and Joseph and I left our friends and ventured back to Jerusalem to find the boy.

We spent three days searching the city. Retracing our steps in each and every place and then I recognized his voice. Yet, it was different somehow. This voice was the voice of a child, yet the words were filled with the wisdom of a lifetime.

We found him sitting with the priests and HE was teaching THEM.
He wasn't looking at me as I spoke, "Son," I said, "Why have you done this to us? Your father and I have been frantic, searching for you everywhere."
The boy looked at me very puzzled and replied, "Why did you search? You should have known I would be in my Father's house."

Those words stung Joseph because he was only too aware that this child was not his, yet my husband's arms were always outstretched for my son. For me, I was suddenly whisked back to a time when the truth of this child was made plain to me. Why must I be plagued with such forgetfulness?

Once, my son and I were at a wedding together. The host had not adequately prepared for the number of guests and the wine had run out. I visited the treasure house of my mind and revisited the little daily miracles that were a part of my son's life and I made Jesus aware of the problem, "How does this concern you and me? My time has not yet come."

I know I should have let the matter rest, but I looked into his eyes and then said to the servants gathered that they should do whatever my son asked of them.
On that day people began to take notice of my son. It wasn't long before Jesus had gathered quite a crowd of followers - twelve who were very close to him.
My son was going to be king. My other sons were very intent on helping to see that Jesus came to sit in his rightful place. Once when public tension was reigning supreme over Jesus, my children and I went to visit him and subtly tried to get him to come home and let the tension die so hopes of a kingdom on earth could be realized.

His rebuke was as biting as the day I had found him in the temple teaching the priests. Jesus had long since come into his own and I was a meddling mother. I can say that with no anger, because of what happened one year ago.

I first understood that the man I beheld was my son when they led him to the top of that wretched hill. How many times I had stroked his brow in tender moments of rest, how many times I had held his hands as we recounted stories of God faithfulness, how many times I had to hold his feet when he was measured for new sandals.

Yet, now this same brow was punctured with thorns, these same hands tense with the pain of metal spikes, these feet that spread such hope held tightly to rough timber and this man held no resemblance to the boy I once knew - except for his eyes.

Oh, to be able to hold him, like I did as a child and sooth away the difficulties with a mother's touch. To gaze at him lovingly and let him know that everything would be all right.
Who can fathom the mind of God. I stood on the side of a rain drenched hill. My son's life blood running down his face, hands and feet. A small, steady stream passed by my feet and my tears joined the rain and his shed blood as the crowd looked on.

Jesus must have known that I was filled with so many emotions. Remembering when he first grasped my finger as an infant, when he received gifts from the eastern kings, when he baffled the priests with his wisdom.

He turned and with those precious eyes looked at me. One of his disciples was standing beside me when my son charged him with my care, "Behold your mother - behold your son." In those words and in that look, my son was reassuring me that he loved me and everything would be all right.

When my son uttered his last words, I remember an ache so deep I felt as if breath would be nothing more than a memory for me. Sobs left my throat raw and eyes puffy. How could my son - God's Son - be murdered in such an inexcusable way.

For three days, I wept. For three days, I wrestled with the fear that indeed God Himself had been cast down and our lives would forever be separated from Him. The city was filled with mayhem. The temple curtains were torn in two, there were earthquakes, fear had taken control of us.

Then day three. Oh, this was the day I began to see with new eyes.
So many thought that Jesus was to be the new king, that he would reign on earth and his greatness would surpass that of the highly favored king, David. Yet, Jesus had been trying to tell us all along that this was not his destiny. That he would reign as King of kings and Lord of lords in heaven - and in willing men's hearts.

This was a new day, and a new relationship with God was made available when my son - God's Son - willingly accepted death to establish a sacrifice that was not only pleasing to God, but was the only way that my son's Father would be able to cleanse the sin in each of our lives - that includes mine.

Oh, but I get ahead of myself. - on day three, my son, Jesus walked out of that tomb, whole and well. His sacrifice had been accepted and he was free to once again commune with His Father - who indeed was well pleased.

They tell me of the scars. All I know is that I was favored above all women to bring God with skin into this world. And I ponder once again the treasures of my heart and discover that Jesus was so much more than I ever expected. God surprised all of us. Jesus was never what we expected - but everything we needed. By Glenn Hascall

Latest pic of Pugs & Meadow

For those of you who helped me in rescuing these precious pups, especially Ms. Trish, here is the latest pic of the two wild pups together. They are taking a break from playing tug-o-war. Of course, I am cooking dinner and Pugsley knows he can't leave my feet in the kitchen so they just stretch out together. This is just a true brother and sister!!

Precious Mia Sue

Here is a recent pic of little Mia Sue......she might be the smallest little pupper we have, but she can stand her ground!! She loves to go outside and play ball. She will toss it back and forth and run like the wind.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

The Pugsinator!!

Here is the man of the house.....and I say that boldly because he seems to rule over me anyhow. He does not like Eric to come near me, in the same room as me and cannot stand for him to touch me! Of course, my oldest child, ERIC, is just as bad because he teases him and plays the "I'm gonna touch her," game!! It has gotten better, but I do believe Eric is afraid of this little fellow. Why else would he holler for me to grab him every night before he comes to bed??!!!

But, all in all, he's a good dog. We rescued him from East Ridge, TN. He was never in a home until he was 7 months old and came to live with us. He still has a sister available at a Foster home who is even more beautiful and they say she is real sweet. If you're interested, just let me know.

Our Meadow Grace

I thought I'd start this blog to make it easier to keep everyone informed on the family and I could post updated pics of the dogs and kids.....along with some scrapbook work! haha

Here is Meadow Grace......we rescued here on Oct. 26,2006 a few weeks after our beloved Roxy passed away....
Meadow is a mess!!! She always has to be the center of attention and loves to lick all over us! It drives us crazy!!! She also loves to play dead when she knows she has done something wrong. She will just stop in the midst of her tracks and roll on her back, feet straight up in the air, and hang her head off to the side so her tongue droops out!! The girl is crazy!! She will be a year old next week............and a special part of my life.