Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Today is my sweet Meadow's first birthday!!! We are going to be celebrating tomorrow with some rescue friends so I will post pics. I have done nothing except run back and forth to the restroom due to DORIS DILEMMA most of today!!! LOL There are a few women who know what that is........oh Doris, Doris........I'm so sorry!!!!

Anyhoot, I am getting ready for a big scrapbooking crop in Charlotte this week-end. I am so excited I can barely stand it!!!! Wish my mom was going though.

So, Miss Meadow is a year old and prancing around here like she knows that means she is a big girl. Pugs could care less b/c he just want to be at mama's feet! LOL Mia Sue, well, she just wants them both to disappear!!

Listen, if some nut called QBALL ends up putting comments on here, I know where you live!!! Take a bath will ya!

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mom said...


Love your new site. You never know who might show up at your doorstep before Friday morning!
Let's hope it't not Q-Ball or Doris
What a pair!!!