Friday, April 13, 2007

Meadow's Birthday Celebration

Here is the famous "Miss Trish" giving all the puppers a treat yesterday. They ran around and played so good together. Even played a little soccer! Pugsley was so well behaved and Solo is just GORGEOUS!!! Mia was even pretty comfy around them, although she stayed on the porch and didn't participate in the tag chase. She was probably afraid she'd hurt one of them. Haha They are beautiful dogs.....and all of them rescue pups.

The other picture is of Brady and Vader........can you believe they were going to put that beautiful black lab down within hours of Trish rescuing him? It's heartbreaking!!! Well, I'm off to prepare for the SWARM tomorrow. Got pizzelles to make and chocolate cream cheese muffins to bake. I'll try to post some more pics tonight if I can.

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