Friday, April 20, 2007

Baseball anyone?

Well, we have begun baseball season! Tuesday evening both of the boys played and they both won their games. It was a nice night for baseball too. Last night, Brandon played against one of his best friends and my preschool director's it was a fun competition as well. The Reds (Brandon's team) was actually beating the Dodgers 6-4 until the last inning and then they over threw a few balls and the Dodgers caught up. They ended up going into overtime......and lost by one run. It was a great game!!

Brady plays against the Brewers tonight so we will have to see how well his team does. Brady is so quick and loves to slide that he is hard to stop once he's running those bases. It's just getting to first base that he has to really concentrate on.

Here is a pic of Brandon's game the other night. I'll try to post some of Brady's tomorrow. Please continue to remember those families that have lost loved ones in the Virginia Tech tragedy and continue to pray for all of our schools around the country. These copycat bomb threats and lockdowns are starting to really concern a lot of our preschool parents and me as a parent as well. Brittany said that they had a bomb threat at her high school yesterday and they bought in the drug dogs. We need to pray for our children, our soldiers and all of those out there that have lost family members or have soldiers overseas fighting for our country. Also, I pray that someone will be bold enough to finally shut that horrible cult up that is picketing all of the funerals of our soldiers, these poor VT students, the miner's of WV, etc. They are cruel and a disgrace to those of us that are truly baptists.

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