Sunday, April 8, 2007

Happy Easter!

Wow! We've already had a long day........up at 5:30 and at church by 7 am for sunrise service. It is so cold here that everyone had to reconfigure their wardrobes and didn't get to wear all their new Easter goodies......but we all enjoyed being with our church family today.

Here in the south, breakfast is a very big we had homemade "angel" biscuits after our sunrise service. If you have ever attended our church, you know that they have a reputation of their own......delicious!!!

There were many music specials today, including Brittany singing the closing song The Tomb Is Empty. Praise God that it is!!! I had the utmost privilege of playing the part of Mary, mother of Jesus today, in a monologue. Whew! Now I can sing in front of strangers, no problem. But put me up there to speak, it's a different story (yes, I know you all are sitting there thinking, "Rhonda,?? problem with talking??!!") Hello!! There IS a difference is talking to friends and speaking by memory. I thank God though because He got me through it, word for word, line for line. The butterflies had even filtrated out of my stomach!

I hope you all have a blessed Easter today and you remember the true reason we celebrate it. It IS that the tomb is empty, that our Saviour was resurrected. And that my dear friends, is what gives us the opportunity to receive eternal life. Remember your ABC's, Admit, Believe, Confess....and you shall be saved.

Enjoy this holiday and CELEBRATE!!

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