Sunday, May 25, 2008

Freedom Is Not Free....from Mike

I couldn't have put this better myself. Once again, Gov. Huckabee has done an outstanding job. I know that I appreciate his wonderful comments about our military men and women. For grandfathers that have served, uncles, my dad, my husband, and probably one day my sons or grandchildren will make me proud as well serving our country. I pray everyone has a safe and memorable Memorial Day.

Happy Anniversary Mike and Janet!

May 25, 2008 - 04:06 PM
by Mike Huckabee

This weekend, as we go to picnics and parades to celebrate Memorial Day, let us take a few moments to remember and thank those who have made it possible to celebrate as a free people. Let us pause in prayerful reflection of our soldiers, the men and women who have died so that we can enjoy that freedom.

Our military today is the best trained, best equipped, smartest military the world has ever known. It is only proper that we take time to remember all of those who have lost their lives to keep us free throughout the history of our great country.

Our military has always sacrificed for the American people, willingly defending us from tyranny and oppression on foreign shores whenever called upon to do so.

It is also proper that we pray for our brave soldiers fighting today in and. We can take comfort and find peace in knowing that those soldiers serving far away from home on this Memorial Day weekend, are continuing the tradition of service to America that has made our military so great. The sacrifices of all of our soldiers through the ages are remembered on this holiday.

The words of Lee Greenwood sum up the feelings of all Americans with great eloquence “I’m proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m free, and I won’t forget the men and women who died, who gave that right to me.”

The price our country has paid through the years has been high, with the loss of our greatest treasures, the young men and women who have sacrificed their lives to make sure that we continue to live in freedom. We should all take time to remember, that Freedom is not free.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Rambling on....

What I really want to do this w/e!

Well, today I began yet another load of college courses. This time I am taking them online because I cannot afford, nor do I have the time, to drive all the way to Sanford which is about 25 minutes away. Gas went up to $3.99 a gallon here today. This is just ridiculous! If I didn't have so much curriculum and such to take with me to work each day, I'd ride Eric's bicycle the 7 miles to and from work each day. It's just ridiculous. But it does us no good to complain.

My classes online were very frustrating at first because I had to figure out how to post on the discussion board and where to get all my assignments. I'm an auditory and visual learner so I'm hoping that I can grasp this. It may help me next year once my teaching schedule is full-time.

The boys are off camping with the Boy Scouts. I pray that the weather doesn't get bad because there is word that it may begin raining tonight and last until tomorrow afternoon. I just hope that it doesn't storm like it has the past few weeks here when we do get rain.

The pups are lying around enjoying the sunshine coming through the windows. Of course, Pugsley follows me everywhere I go if I move. Maybe I'll actually get a break this holiday week-end (HA! Wishful thinking!!). I hope you all have a wonderful and safe holiday.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Small Prayer Request.....

I received this email this evening from my sister......yes, I did say sister. Miss Molly is one of the family and for those of you who know how much I love dogs understand why. She's been down and out these past few days with some pain in her hips. She's been wanting to come and visit her niece Mia for so long now and meet her niece Meadow and nephew Pugsley. Like Meadow, she was waiting to run the White House lawn once Mike was inaugurated as our next President. So, please pray for Miss Molly that she regains her vigor soon and fulfill her dream.



Let's make this happen!

Get the word out that this is the best possible ticket for our country! Tell all your friends, email the GOP headquarters, go to John McCain's website and email him, vote in the VP polls and let's make it happen together!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Pics of Pups

It's been a while since I've shared some pics of the you will see, Meadow always steals the show! All the others usually run from the camera! She is such a ham!!! She'd make a perfect mascot for the Huckabee campaign!

I just love cuddling with mom....I still want to go to the White House!

"Okay! Enough pics! I'm trying to catch some z's!"

"Okay, I know you heard me!"

"Fine then, make yourself useful and rub my belly!"

"I'm just waiting for dad to come in so I can bark at him."

"I'll just hide in the closet! I'm not in the mood for rowdiness tonight!"

"Now that's more like it!"

Friday, May 16, 2008

A sincere apology

May 16, 2008 - 08:04 PM
A Message From Mike Huckabee
by Mike Huckabee

During my speech at the NRA a loud noise backstage, that sounded like a chair falling, distracted the crowd and interrupted my speech. I made an off hand remark that was in no way intended to offend or disparage Sen. Obama.I apologize that my comments were offensive, that was never my intention.

In Defense of Mike Huckabee's NRA comments...

Today Mike spoke at the NRA convention in Kentucky. Everyone who knows Mike knows how strong he supports the 2nd Amendment. Well, evidently, there was some noise during Mike's speech and he JOKINGLY made the comment that "Barak must have fallen over a chair because he saw someone with a gun pointed at him." Every blog I've been too in the past 3 hours have taken this comment out of context completely. Anyone that knows Mike knows he has a remarkable sense of humor. And when I heard the comments, I too laughed my tail off because that is who Mike is. You can tell it was a joke in his voice tone and demeanor.

On every network, every blog, and every media website they are making it look as if it was "attack Barack Obama day." Well, I'm sorry but maybe all of those Obama supporters will open up their eyes and see how badly Obama's words hurt those in Pennsylvania last month when he stated they were "bitter people clinging to their guns or religion." I guess it's alright for him to excercise his freedom of speech but the rest of us are to stay silent??!! I believe that comment has come back to haunt Obama and that there will be many more to come throughout this election. Maybe Barack is the one that needs to watch what comes out of his mouth. But I guess he learned to speak his ill comments from his former pastor.

Mike meant absolutely nothing from this joke and that is exactly what it was intended to be. End of discussion! I think there are more important things to focus on in this country such as the economy, fuel, the horrific passing of a same-sex marriage bill, stopping abortions and stem-cell research and electing a qualified Republican President. Not to mention helping the people in Myanmar and China....and supporting our soldiers mission. I feel that there is very few democrats that even appreciate what our soldiers do for our country. And since my husband is proudly serving his country helping in the relief effort in Myanmar, I take offense to it as well.

Stunning, Outrageous and Sickening

Well, if you have been paying attention to the news these past 24 hours, you'd hear about the California ruling regarding same-sex marriage. It not only offends me, it sickens me. God's word specifically states that marriage is a union that is to be made between a man and a woman. Remember how God destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah?? Below is the latest from Gov. Huckabee and no one could state it any better than he has.

May 16, 2008 - 01:13 PM
Stunning And Outrageous Ruling
by Mike Huckabee

Yesterday’s stunning and outrageous ruling of the California Supreme Court adds to the demand for a national Constitutional amendment that affirms that marriage is the relationship of one man/one woman. Traditional marriage is not only being attacked by runaway divorce rates from within the institution, but the California ruling, the Massachusetts same sex marriage law, and the polygamist camp in Texas remind us that not everyone seems to have gotten the memo on marriage.

This is not a time to be angry, but broken hearted. We should not hurl insults, but get on our knees and pray that we will have moral courage to stand for truth and what’s right, but the Master’s compassion to do so without rancor. It should be another wake up call as we as a culture keep hitting the snooze alarm.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

West Virginia, Hillary and their stand against Barrack!

Valley Falls

Well, even though I'm not a democrat, I was watching the WV primary last night closely since it is my home state. I have not enjoyed reading all the bias and "racist" comments about my fellow West Virginians on the blogs these past few days because I think that it is absurb that people would come out making fun of a state because they don't want to see things the way the rest of the Obama supporters want them too.

First of all, West Virginia is a very open and honest state. They are all hard workers and the fact that bloggers and the media have made them seem to be uneducated and low-class people sickens me. I'm sorry that West Virginia isn't ready for a black President. I believe their vote was based on QUALITY and TRUST. I know that Hillary hasn't been 100% truthful in her campaign. Being a military wife, the first thing my husband said about the "sniper fire" was that there is NO WAY a plane would even considering landing in a sniper zone. So, I'm not defending her stories in anyway. She's the better choice of WV. Just as Mike Huckabee was the better choice for them during the delegate convention back in February.

Bunner's Ridge
West Virginia is a very patriotic state and people there take care of one another. They believe in this country and the potential that it has to be. I know that because I was raised to be that way. A father that served our country and a mother that always exposed us to patriotic activities instilled that in me. And look where I am now........a proud military wife of almost 14 years and involved in politics. Anyone that knows me would say they never would have thought I'd go this far!!! (With the politics that man in uniform is hard to resist!).

So, for those Obama supporters out there or the bloggers and media reporters, stop judging West Virginians because of their beliefs. As far as Hillary staying in the race, I firmly believe she should be able to continue on for as long as she desires. She's getting the same heat for staying in the race that Mike had gotten a few months back. What happened to the people's voices being counted as the vote? Why can't we just accept the popular votes and get rid of this delegate proces!! Things sure would be easier and the people would be electing our next President, not the delegates or big shots in Washington.

Seneca Rock, Pendleton County WV

'This race isn’t over yet’
Clinton trounces Obama, vows to persevere
By David Espo and Matt Apuzzo, Associated Press Writers

CHARLESTON — Hillary Rodham Clinton coasted to a large but largely symbolic victory in working-class West Virginia on Tuesday, handing Barack Obama one of the worst defeats of the campaign yet scarcely slowing his march toward the Democratic presidential nomination.

“The White House is won in the swing states. And I am winning the swing states,” Clinton told cheering supporters at a victory rally.

She coupled praise for Obama with a pledge to persevere in a campaign in which she has become the decided underdog. “This race isn’t over yet,” she said. “Neither of us has the total delegates it takes to win.”

Obama looked ahead to the Oregon primary later in the month and to the general election campaign against Republican John McCain, but the West Virginia defeat underscored his weakness among blue collar voters who will be pivotal in the fall.

“This is our chance to build a new majority of Democrats and independents and Republicans who know that four more years of George Bush just won’t do,” Obama said in Missouri, which looms as a battleground state in November.

“This is our moment to turn the page on the divisions and distractions that pass for politics in Washington,” added the man seeking to become the first black presidential nominee of a major party.

With votes from 69 percent of West Virginia’s precincts counted, Clinton was winning 66 percent of the vote, to 27 percent for Obama.

Clinton’s triumph approached the 70 percent of the vote she gained in Arkansas, her best state to date. It came courtesy of an overwhelmingly white electorate comprised of the kinds of voters who have favored her throughout the primaries. Nearly a quarter were 60 or older, and a similar number had no education beyond high school. More than half were in families with incomes of $50,000 or less, and the former first lady was wining a whopping 69 percent of their votes.

Clinton won at least 16 of the 28 delegates at stake in West Virginia and Obama won at least seven, with five more to be allocated.

That left Obama with 1,882.5 delegates, to 1,713 for Clinton, out of 2,026 needed to clinch the nomination at the party convention in Denver this summer. The Democratic win on Tuesday in a Mississippi special election increased by one the number of delegates needed to win the nomination.

Clinton’s aides contended that her strength with blue-collar voters — already demonstrated in primaries in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana — makes her the more electable candidate in the fall.

In her remarks, Clinton said, “I deeply admire Senator Obama,” but she added, “our case is stronger.” She said she had won roughly 17 million votes in the primaries and caucuses to date.

The two rivals also vied in a close, nonbinding primary in Nebraska. Obama won the state’s caucuses earlier in the year, and with them, a majority of its delegates.

Clinton arranged a meeting with superdelegates for Wednesday. About 250 of them remain publicly uncommitted.

The delegate tally aside, the former first lady struggled to overcome an emerging Democratic consensus that Obama effectively wrapped up the nomination last week with a victory in the North Carolina primary and a narrow loss in Indiana.

He picked up four superdelegates during the day, including Roy Romer, former Democratic Party chairman.

“This race, I believe, is over,” Romer told reporters on a conference call. He said only Clinton can decide when to withdraw, but he added: “There is a time we need to end it and direct ourselves to the general election. I think that time is now."

Only five more primaries remain on the calendar, beginning next week in Kentucky and Oregon, then Puerto Rico on June 1 and Montana and South Dakota two days later.

There’s another important date on the calendar, though — the May 31 meeting of a convention committee that will hear Clinton’s appeal to seat the delegations from disputed primaries in Florida and Michigan.

Clinton has long argued to have the delegates seated — a decision that would cut into Obama’s delegate advantage — even though the primaries were held so early in the year that they violated Democratic party rules.

In recent weeks, Obama has signaled a willingness to compromise on the issue as he has become more confident of his ultimate victory in the fight for the nomination.

Clinton and Obama briefly shook hands on the Senate floor Tuesday after interrupting their campaigns for a few hours to vote on energy-related bills.

In the days since, close to 30 superdelegates have swung behind Obama, evidence that party officials are beginning to coalesce around the first-term Illinois senator who is seeking to become the first black to win a major party presidential nomination. Three of his new supporters formerly backed Clinton, who surrendered her lead in superdelegates late last week for the first time since the campaign began.

In his appearance in Cape Girardeau, Mo., Obama sketched the case against McCain. “For two decades, he has supported policies that have shifted the burden onto working people. And his only answer to the problems created by George Bush’s policies is to give them another four years to fail,” he said.

Tucker Bounds, a spokesman for McCain, said in response that Obama’s rhetoric showed “more of the same negative, partisan politics that have paralyzed Washington for too long. Barack Obama talks about change and bipartisanship, but he has never showed the leadership needed to bridge party divides.”

Clinton had spent parts of several days campaigning in West Virginia in search of victory.

She refrained from criticizing Obama directly, but had a cautionary word nonetheless for party leaders who seemed eager to pivot to the fall campaign. “I keep telling people, no Democrat has won the White House since 1916 without winning West Virginia,” she said at Tudor’s Biscuit World in the state’s capital city.

Obama was in the state on Monday, but it was clear he was looking beyond the primary.

He said several days ago he expected Clinton to win by significant margins in West Virginia and then in Kentucky, which holds its primary next week. He devoted more time to Oregon, which also holds a primary next week, and announced plans to campaign in several other states that loom as battlegrounds in the fall against McCain.

Among them are Florida and Michigan, two states that held early primaries in defiance of national Democratic Party rules. The two combined have 44 of the 270 electoral votes needed to win the White House, and Obama has not yet campaigned in either.
Obama also broke from his usual practice by wearing a flag pin on his suit jacket. He told several thousand people at the Charleston Civic Center that patriotism means more than saluting flags and holding parades.

Monday, May 12, 2008

McCain, Huckabee & Evangelicals...from HuckPAC

Thought I'd share the latest article from Mike. If you haven't joined HuckPAC yet, you need to get over there and register! Be a part of the excitement of being a Huckabee supporter. Go to to register.

The winds have been terrible here. It stormed last night but nothing that was out of the ordinary. When we woke up, the wishing well that Eric had built when we first moved here was in pieces, the boys basketball hoop was knocked over and the backboard shattered and to top it off.....our picnic table from the back porch was lifted and thrown almost into our neighbors yard! And the rest of the neighborhood seemed to have not even a flower petal blown off!!!! Welcome to deployment again Kelly family!

May 12, 2008 - 11:13 AM

McCain, Huckabee and Evangelicals
by Mike Huckabee

Janet and I hope you had a great Mother’s Day weekend. After seeing our niece graduate from Ouachita Baptist University on Saturday, Janet went to Hope to visit her Mother. After church on Sunday, we had a great visit with country singer Josh Turner, his wife Jennifer and their 19th month old son Hampton, and Jennifer’s mother. We had gotten to know Josh during the campaign and not only love his music, but especially love he and his wife’s authentic faith and personal character. In an entertainment business filled with uncontrolled lifestyles and egos, Josh Turner is a wonderful example of an incredibly talented man who hasn’t forgotten where he came from and what is important to him. He is just a refreshing voice in music. Josh was on a bill with megastar Carrie Underwood and we went to the show. It was terrific. Being a musician, I couldn’t help but spend most of my time watching the bass players in each of the truly amazing bands---I was probably the only person in Alltel arena who mostly watched the bass players! Carrie had been the musical guest the night I was on Saturday Night Live, so I had the opportunity to meet her and her band that night. I truly admire and appreciate talent and even more, I admire people who take their talent and work incredibly hard to polish it to the point of performance perfection. Many fans think these guys just get on stage and play well—what they don’t see is the sacrifices of time and rehearsal that take it to a true art form.

On another note, I was very disturbed by a column by Robert Novak that quoted some “anonymous source” in saying that while I strongly supported Senator McCain, I thought that maybe America “deserves Obama,” as if to say that I secretly hoped he won.

Where do people dream up this stuff? Forget the “anonymous” sources—there’s nothing anonymous about my stand and here it is. We don’t “deserve” Obama—we DESERVE a President with the character, convictions, experience, and wisdom to see the problems we face and try to lead us to solve them. We deserve a President who truly loves this country and from whom there is no doubt as to his respect for Faith, Family, and the kind of Freedom that those before us have given their lives to pass on to us. John McCain meets that criteria and that’s why I am campaigning for him and not hoping for Obama. The nonsense that I want Obama to win this year so I can run in 2012 is absurd. I love my country more than my own ambition. So let the record and truth be clear. And let the “anonymous” sources either show the courage to stand up and be accountable for their comments or shut up and leave commentary to people who aren’t afraid of their own shadow.

I hope you have a great week. I will be doing some commentary Tuesday night on MSNBC’s coverage of the election and later in the week will be speaking to a health conference in St. Louis, the national NRA convention, the graduation exercises at Hope High School in Hope, Arkansas where Janet and I graduated 35 years ago, and then Saturday, I’ll be the commencement speaker at Patrick Henry College in Virginia. Somewhere in the midst of that, I will be writing more on the book that comes out this fall—and I still hope you’ll share YOUR stories of the campaign with me.

God bless, keep the faith, and pray for America!


Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

"Happy Mother's Day" Means More

"Happy Mother's Day" means more

Than have a happy day.

Within those words lie lots of things

We never get to say.

It means I love you first of all,

Then thanks for all you do.

It means you mean a lot to me,A

nd that I honor you.

But most of all, I guess it means

That I am thinking of

Your happiness on this, your day,

With pleasure and with love.
Nicholas Gordon

Just wanted to wish my mother a Happy Mother's Day! Wish I was there with ya, but duty calls here in NC. Love ya!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Votes for Huck update

Well, it turns out that there were 238 votes cast in my county alone for Mike. Here is the full vote count in that race:

100 of 100 Counties Reporting

Mike Huckabee (REP)

Alan Keyes (REP)
John McCain (REP)
Ron Paul (REP)
No Preference (REP)


As you can see, there were several that were no preference and I believe most just voted for McCain because they thought they had no other legitimate choice. So if Mike would have stayed in the race actively, he would have had an incredible shot of winning the state of NC!! I must admit I was surprised there wasn't a higher number of votes for Ron Paul because everywhere I go I see signs for him. So, all in all, it was a great day for Mike here in NC. I'm not sure how many delegates he'll pick up for that but he's still high on everyone's list. A great reason why McCain should pick him as his VP!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Well, I voted.....

And I enjoyed every moment of it! I was at the polls by 7:15 a.m. and the first person I voted for was Mike Huckabee. I also chose Fred Smith as my choice for governor. I did quite a bit of research on him as well and feel he is the best choice and a has great conservative views.

I have to admit that I am sick that this state chose Obama as it's democratic nominee. I thought for sure Hillary would pull the win......I feel like I did on the night that Mike conceded. Well, I'm not crying my eyes out like I was that night. haha It just saddens me that people can't see what we truly need for this country. The next step is the State Convention in June and then to sit back and see who McCain choses as his VP. IF, and that's a big IF, he chooses Mike, I will step up to the plate and work my tail off for me....but that would be for Mike's benefit only and because of Mike and his beliefs and record.

We need to seriously pray for the upcoming General election NOW. This is our country, our children and grandchildren's future, and we need to have viable and capable leaders. Well, I've had enough of this election stuff today......and Barack is getting on my last nerve since he is on every NC channel!!! UCK!

I cannot wait to see the percentage of votes Mike will get from this state. I pray I'm not disappointed in that like I am the states choice in democratic candidates.

Alright NC....get out and vote!

Polls open in exactly one minute so let's get out there and cast our votes for Mike!!! Let the GOP and the rest of the world hear our voices and let them know who OUR choice for President of this great country is. I'm on my way to the polls now! Tell all your neighbors and get the word out that we do have a choice.

Monday, May 5, 2008

North Carolina Primary Tomorrow.......Vote for Huckabee!

Yes, yes...I've already heard that I haven't been posting as much lately. I have been so busy finishing up the semester, taking finals, and substituting at an additional preschool that I haven't had a chance to do anything. Not even tune into the latest news!!! Talk about depressing..........

But, tomorrow is the big day for NC!! Yesterday, I worked the street fair downtown selling cookbooks for our church and their were Hillary supporters EVERYWHERE!!! I was surprised that there weren't any Obama people (but relieved at the same time). I can stomach the Hillary supporters easier than the Obama one's. So, I took out my Huckabee button and slapped it on and several bypassers asked me if he was still in the race! There were a few that weren't even going to go vote tomorrow but since they know Huck is on the ballot, they are going to vote!! Yippee!!!

Polls open here at 6:30 am and I will be one of the first one's to go vote!!! I cannot wait to mark Mike Huckabee's name for President. The joy it will give me........North Carolinians need to know that they don't just have a choice in the Democratic party, but the Republican's as well. I pray that all of you will go out and cast your vote for Mike Huckabee!!!!