Friday, May 16, 2008

In Defense of Mike Huckabee's NRA comments...

Today Mike spoke at the NRA convention in Kentucky. Everyone who knows Mike knows how strong he supports the 2nd Amendment. Well, evidently, there was some noise during Mike's speech and he JOKINGLY made the comment that "Barak must have fallen over a chair because he saw someone with a gun pointed at him." Every blog I've been too in the past 3 hours have taken this comment out of context completely. Anyone that knows Mike knows he has a remarkable sense of humor. And when I heard the comments, I too laughed my tail off because that is who Mike is. You can tell it was a joke in his voice tone and demeanor.

On every network, every blog, and every media website they are making it look as if it was "attack Barack Obama day." Well, I'm sorry but maybe all of those Obama supporters will open up their eyes and see how badly Obama's words hurt those in Pennsylvania last month when he stated they were "bitter people clinging to their guns or religion." I guess it's alright for him to excercise his freedom of speech but the rest of us are to stay silent??!! I believe that comment has come back to haunt Obama and that there will be many more to come throughout this election. Maybe Barack is the one that needs to watch what comes out of his mouth. But I guess he learned to speak his ill comments from his former pastor.

Mike meant absolutely nothing from this joke and that is exactly what it was intended to be. End of discussion! I think there are more important things to focus on in this country such as the economy, fuel, the horrific passing of a same-sex marriage bill, stopping abortions and stem-cell research and electing a qualified Republican President. Not to mention helping the people in Myanmar and China....and supporting our soldiers mission. I feel that there is very few democrats that even appreciate what our soldiers do for our country. And since my husband is proudly serving his country helping in the relief effort in Myanmar, I take offense to it as well.

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