Saturday, August 30, 2008

McCain/Palin Ticket

Okay, I take back the fact that I won't work for McCain's campaign as hard now. After listening to Gov. Palin speak this afternoon, I felt that same intense excitement that I had felt the moment I heard Gov. Huckabee speak in his first debate. Now, I love Gov. Huckabee and he is my first choice because he his not afraid to speak out about his faith and what we truly need to watch out for in this world. I cannot wait to begin working on his 2012 campaign for President!!!

Sarah Palin delivered a great first impression and immediately had me convinced that she is the right pick for McCain. Not to mention the excitement of her being the first woman on the GOP ticket! Her views on the sanctity of life are outstanding and unwavering. My eyes filled with tears when I heard her story of her youngest son. Praise God for someone who is not afraid to be bold and stand up to the wrong's of this world. We all need to get on board to make this happen. Yes, the Obama campaign thinks that this is a wrong choice for McCain. But Palin has executive experience. She has substance to bring to the table. She has implemented change. Barack can only use the word "change." Okay America, it's time to get busy and not allow the Democratic party, the Obamaonites, take over this country and turn it into utter destruction. Go to and get busy!!!!!

Below is Gov. Palin's speech from yesterday's appearance in Dayton, Ohio.

Governor Sarah Palin delivered the following remarks after John McCain announced that she was joining the ticket as the nominee for Vice President.

Governor Sarah Palin: "And I thank you, Senator McCain and Mrs. McCain, for the confidence that you have placed in me. Senator, I am honored to be chosen as your running mate. I will be honored to serve next to the next president of the United States.

"I know that when Senator McCain gave me this opportunity, he had a short list of highly qualified men and women, and to have made that list at all -- it was a privilege. And to have been chosen brings a great challenge. I know that it will demand the best that I have to give, and I promise nothing less.

"First, there are a few people whom I would like you to meet. I want to start with my husband, Todd. And Todd and I are actually celebrating our 20th anniversary today, and I promised him a little surprise for the anniversary present, and hopefully he knows that I did deliver.

"And then we have as -- after my husband, who is a lifelong commercial fisherman, lifetime Alaskan -- he's a production operator. Todd is a production operator in the oil fields up on Alaska's North Slope, and he's a proud member of the United Steelworkers Union, and he's a world champion snow machine racer. Todd and I met way back in high school, and I can tell you that he is still the man that I admire most in this world.

"Along the way, Todd and I have shared many blessings, and four out of five of them are here with us today. Our oldest son, Track, though, he'll be following the presidential campaign from afar. On September 11th of last year, our son enlisted in the United States Army. Track now serves in an infantry brigade. And on September 11th, Track will deploy to Iraq in the service of his country. And Todd and I are so proud of him and of all the fine men and women serving the country in uniform.

"Next to Todd is our daughter Bristol; another daughter, Willow; our youngest daughter, Piper; and over in their arms is our son Trig, a beautiful baby boy. He was born just in April. His name is Trig Paxson Van Palin.

"Some of life's greatest opportunities come unexpectedly, and this is certainly the case today. I never really set out to be involved in public affairs, much less to run for this office. My mom and dad both worked at the local elementary school. And my husband and I, we both grew up working with our hands.

"I was just your average 'hockey mom' in Alaska. We were busy raising our kids. I was serving as the team mom and coaching some basketball on the side. I got involved in the PTA and then was elected to the city council and then elected mayor of my hometown, where my agenda was to stop wasteful spending and cut property taxes and put the people first.

"I was then appointed ethics commissioner and chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, and when I found corruption there, I fought it hard and I held the offenders to account. Along with fellow reformers in the great state of Alaska, as governor, I've stood up to the old politics as usual, to the special interests, to the lobbyists, the Big Oil companies and the 'good old boy' network.

"When oil and gas prices went up so dramatically and the state revenues followed with that increase, I sent a large share of that revenue directly back to the people of Alaska -- and we are now -- we're now embarking on a $40 billion natural gas pipeline to help lead America to energy independence.

"I signed major ethics reforms, and I appointed both Democrats and independents to serve in my administration. And I've championed reform to end the abuses of earmark spending by Congress. In fact, I told Congress thanks, but no thanks, on that "Bridge to Nowhere." If our state wanted a bridge, I said, we'd build it ourselves.

"Well, it's always, though, safer in politics to avoid risk, to just kind of go along with the status quo. But I didn't get into government to do the safe and easy things. A ship in harbor is safe, but that's not why the ship is built. Politics isn't just a game of competing interests and clashing parties. The people of America expect us to seek public office and to serve for the right reasons. And the right reason is to challenge the status quo and to serve the common good.

"Now, no one expects us to agree on everything, whether in Juneau or in Washington. But we are expected to govern with integrity and good will and clear convictions and a servant's heart.

"Now, no leader in America has shown these qualities so clearly or presents so clear a threat to business as usual in Washington as Senator John S. McCain. This -- this is a moment when principles and political independence matter a lot more than just the party line. And this is a man who has always been there to serve his country, not just his party.

"And this is a moment that requires resolve and toughness and strength of heart in the American president. And my running mate is a man who has shown those qualities in the darkest of places and in the service of his country. A colleague once said about Senator McCain: That man did things for this country that few people could go through; never forget that. And that speaker was former Senator John Glenn of Ohio. And John Glenn knows something about heroism.

"And I'm going to make sure nobody does forget that in his campaign. There is only one candidate who has truly fought for America, and that man is John McCain.

"This is a moment -- this is a moment when great causes can be won and great threats overcome, depending on the judgment of our next president. In a dangerous world, it is John McCain who will lead America's friends and allies in preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.

"It was John McCain who cautioned long ago about the harm that Russian aggression could do to Georgia and to other small Democratic neighbors and to the world oil markets.

"It was Senator McCain who refused to hedge his support for our troops in Iraq, regardless of the political costs. And you know what? As the mother of one of those troops and as the commander of Alaska's National Guard, that's the kind of man I want as our commander in chief.

"Profiles in courage, they can be hard to come by these days. You know, so often we just find them in books. But next week when we nominate John McCain for president, we're putting one on the ballot!

"To serve as vice president beside such a man would be the privilege of a lifetime, and it's fitting that this trust has been given to me 88 years almost to the day after the women of America first gained the right to vote.

"I think as well today of two other women who came before me in national elections. I can't begin this great effort without honoring the achievements of Geraldine Ferraro in 1984, and, of course, Senator Hillary Clinton, who showed such determination and grace in her presidential campaign.

"It was rightly noted in Denver this week that Hillary left 18 million cracks in the highest, hardest glass ceiling in America. But it turns out the women of America aren't finished yet, and we can shatter that glass ceiling once and for all.

"So for my part, the mission is clear. The next 67 days I'm going to take our campaign to every part of our country and our message of reform to every voter of every background, in every political party, or no party at all. If you want change in Washington, if you hope for a better America, then we're asking for your vote on the 4th of November.

"My fellow Americans, come join our cause. Join our cause and help our country to elect a great man the next president of the United States. And I thank you, and I -- God bless you, I say, and God bless America. Thank you."

Friday, August 29, 2008

Mike wasn't even "vetted"...

You know, my heart is broken and I feel betrayed today as many other Huckabee supporters probably do. Mike has had an enormous group of supporters working hard to encourage McCain to pick him for the VP slot. The thing that bothers me, and angers me to be honest, is that Mike wasn't even "vetted" for the position!!! That means McCain did not listen to one word that the people were saying to him. I'm not angry that Mike didn't get the VP slot, I'm angry that he wasn't looked at seriously, just as Hillary wasn't "vetted" for Barak. Sarah Palin has an outstanding record and I think is a great choice. But since McCain ignored thousands of voices, I won't be working for him nearly as much as I would have if he had listened to the American people.

A Message From Mike Huckabee
by Mike Huckabee

Dear HuckPAC family:You guys have been incredible in your faithful support, prayers, and efforts throughout the campaign and beyond it. Janet and I feel like the most blessed people on earth to have been able to be part of the growing community of people across America who believe in vertical politics. I know that many of you have hoped and prayed that I would be selected as John McCain’s running mate.

I am certainly moved by your support and confidence, but instead of you hearing a bunch of total nonsense from the media, I want to share exclusively with you what is up.There are reports that I’m on my way to Dayton tonight. Not true. Wasn’t invited to be there and any reports that I’m going to be there are a big surprise to me. I have never been contacted by the McCain campaign at any point about the VP slot. I have never been asked for any information, background, etc., so as I have said repeatedly in interviews, I didn’t consider myself to be under any consideration.

I think people thought I was being coy and just not talking, but I have built my political life on trying to shoot straight and tell it as it is and as I see it. I have been honest in telling you that I had no reason to believe I was ever seriously considered or “vetted” for the ticket. That’s why I have continued with HuckPAC because I have felt that we (me and you) shouldn’t give up, but rather gear up and help good pro-life, conservative people to office across the nation.Our efforts are just getting started.

Like you, I will await news of who Senator McCain selects. I hope it will be a person with a solid record and solid convictions on the foundation issues that bring many of us to the process. I’m taking this unusual step to communicate so it will come from me and not from some of the ridiculous things being said on TV and websites tonight.

With deep appreciation,
Mike Huckabee

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Gov. Huckabee

Happy Birthday Gov. Huckabee!!!

Make sure you visit and wish Gov. Huckabee a happy birthday. We have been blessed with an incredible leader and man of God. It's been a blessing to work on his campaign and it is an honor to support him.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gov. Huckabee's message on life

I just had to share the lastest message from Gov. Huckabee. I just finished watching the big "rally" in Illinois and I have to honestly say that Obama spooks me more and more each day. I like Joe Biden. I think he is a decent, honorable man. Unfortunately, he's mixed up with the wrong company. I had mentioned in my previous post about Obama and infanticide. This message goes into further detail about how Barack does NOT support life. Gov. Huckabee is the man that John McCain needs to pick as his running mate. Unfortunately, I think Mike has gotten shoved around and pushed aside. I do know that if McCain doesn't pick a pro-life running mate it will be difficult for me to vote for him. It's going to be hard for me if he doesn't pick Mike, but I just have that feeling that things are headed that way. Stupid decision on McCain's part is all I can say.

A Message From the Governor
by Mike Huckabee

Dear Team:

The Democrats are beginning to arrive in Denver for the coronation, er uh, NOMINATION, of Barak Obama. In the past few weeks, some of the shine and glitter has begun to disappear as he stumbled badly trying to escape his own record on fundamental issues like the sanctity of life. His non-answer to Rick Warren in the Saddleback Forum was more revealing for what he didn’t say than what he said. He did what many far left liberals do when it comes time to discuss the life issue—he changed the topic. He said that answers to such questions either scientifically or theologically were “above his pay grade.”

Mr. Obama, most people earning far below YOUR pay grade know enough science to realize that when 23 chromosomes from a female and 23 from a male unite in the moment of conception, a life containing 46 unique chromosomes is created. For all the talk from liberals as to how they follow science and therefore end up with their positions on global warming and evolution, they seem to claim utter ignorance of one of science’s irrefutable facts---what kind of life is created at conception.

Here’s the clear “science:”

When the male sperm and female egg join, a new and unique life form is created. At conception. Not at birth or viability, or when a lawyer says so. At conception this happens. John McCain got it right; Obama pled less scientific knowledge than a 5th grader.

This life is either human or something else. Science irrefutably would declare that the life which is starting from that moment is human. It’s not a stalk of broccoli, it’s not a parrot, squirrel, or dolphin. It will never become a tree—it can only become a human. It has the entire DNA schedule that it will have for the rest of its life right then. In days it will begin to take on increasingly observable human characteristics and form, but at conception, it is biologically human.

If this life is human, then the only issue left is whether this human life falls under the notion that it has a fundamental right of existence or not. If not, it is because we as a culture have decided that some human lives are simply not worth living. If we can decide that about an innocent and unborn baby, we can also decide it on the basis of less absolute criteria than that. If we make that choice (and this is all about “CHOICE,” isn’t it?) then someone may decide that a terminally ill person is not a life worth living. Maybe a severely disabled child is a life not worth living; what about a person with a limited IQ? Say that’s absurd—that an educated and enlightened society would never be so audacious as to begin to terminate life based on such arbitrary excuses? Maybe you haven’t studied Nazi Germany, in which the murder of six million Jews was justified because of their religion and millions of others were murdered because of their politics. Germany was not a primitive, superstitious culture. It was one filled with the intelligentsia and enlightened.

This is an important issue. It’s why we can’t trust Obama with America’s future because he’s not even sure which Americans are worth saving and which ones aren’t. And it’s why that for many of us, McCain’s selection of a running mate really does matter. Because John McCain clearly is pro life, I will support and vote for him because Obama is not an option for me as a pro life person. I will be disappointed if McCain doesn’t pick a true pro life person and realize that should that happen, he will lose many of the very people who supported me. I cannot expect all of you to vote for McCain if he chooses someone whose record isn’t pro life. It will be a less than perfect decision for all of us---our only real choices are McCain and Obama; one will protect life and one won’t. Some will argue for a 3rd party candidate and I respect that, but in political realities, that is essentially a vote for Obama and I can’t go there.

I want lower taxes, less government, more local control, less spending, greater accountability for tax dollars, a strong national defense, and less government regulation. But above all, I want a government who respects life—mine, yours, and that of people I don’t know and even those I don’t like. A government that decides that an unborn baby isn’t worth anything may one day decide that about me. Or you.

This election shouldn't be about taxes. It ought to be about life.
I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Mike Huckabee

My Obama view for the day

This week has really sickened me even more when it comes to the Obama campaign. The man is so arrogant and loves to throw the punches out to others, but can't seem to handle the heat when it comes his way. I cannot wait for this election to be over because it truly scares me and sickens me that a man would think of himself so highly and think he has no wrongs.

As I was watching Hannity & Colmes the other night, my opinion of Mr. Obama took another turn. They were discussing Obama and his support of infanticide. Whew! I was not only sickened by it but shed quite a few tears. The man voted to abort these babies as they were being born. A nurse, Jill, came on the show and stated how she sat in a soiled linen closet for 45 minutes or more and rocked a down syndrome baby that was suppose to be aborted, but lived. They threw the baby in their to die. Where is that child's right to life?? How can we allow someone who supports such an act to become our leader? Simply, we CANNOT. Who knows what we kind of country we would become with someone like him in charge.

Change......that's all we hear. But change WHAT?? Can you give me some specifics here Mr. Obama??? Change our rights? Change the amount of taxes we pay to higher amounts? Change the way we are allowed to raise our children? BE SPECIFIC in your answers please.

The thing that puzzles me the most is the fact that there are so many people mesmorized by this man. I just don't get it. And to be honest, I don't want to get it because I refuse to think on the level of someone who supports infanticide. He lied about it, the documents are there and if you visit http://www.hannity.coms/ you'll be able to read up on more of the situation.

We have work to do to continue to promoting Senator John McCain and getting the ONLY person qualified to be our Commander and Chief. If we elect Barack Obama, then we might as well sign our life away because "change" will definitely happen. And it won't be good.