Monday, November 26, 2012

We Have A New Student! Except, She is an Elf!

I am so excited about doing the Elf on the Shelf this year with my kiddo's!! Since my children aren't young anymore, this helps me create more fun memories.  Today, we started back to school after Thanksgiving break and there was a letter waiting from Santa! It was very encouraging and he has asked the children to help teach his little helper all about the love of Jesus and how to listen well in school. 

So, our next step was naming our elf.  Because I have an overwhelming number of boys, I purchased a girl elf.  The children picked six names to vote on.  They came up with Lollipop, Lucy, Jet Ski, Flower, Whisper and Glitter.  Now wouldn't you know that the boys voted overwhelming for JET SKI!!! Oh's their elf.  Hehe

So our next task was to spot Jet Ski.  Wouldn't you know she was hanging out in the reading loft with a good book.  She had helped herself to our "Kiss Your Brain" jar and grabbed her a pack of Skittles to snack on!

Oh I can't wait to see what she does tomorrow!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness: Days 19-25

Day 19 - I am thankful for my step-son Johnathan and my step-daughter Paige.  Even though they have been kept away from us, they are still a big part of our lives.  Their photo's hang on our walls just as all the other children we have.  Their ornaments hang on our tree......their birthday's remember.  I know that God is bigger than any situation and that He will move and reunite my husband with his children.  I have no doubt and I have placed all my faith in Him.

Day 20: Today I am thankful for all my facebook friends.....those whom I've known the majority of my life, former classmates, Farmville and Sims friends. You all make my mornings much better and my days bright! So thankful to have you as friends.

Day 21: Today I am thankful for those few days that I have to myself. That alone time. Time in which I can use to relax, focus on God's Word and do a little heartfelt crafting. It's a time to replenish myself.
Day 22: Today I am thankful for the food we have to eat. So many in our own country are dreaming of a slice of bread or a warm bowl of soup. Today as we feast on all the wonderful things we will be sharing with our families, may we remember to pray for those less fortunate. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Day 23: Today I am thankful for the joy and excitement of Black Friday! Having the chance to help others fulfill their Christmas wish list is such an adrenaline rush!! I might feel as though a tank has driven over me but it was all worth it!!!

Day 24:  Today I am thankful for CHOCOLATE!!! Oh lord, how would I live without it???

Day 25: Today I am thankful for music. It soothes my soul and makes my world such a better place! Whether it's encouraging music from artist such as Third Day or Mandisa, preschool songs such as 5 Little Monkeys or outstanding soundtrack music from hit movies it makes my heart merry and bright! I wouldn't be who I am without music. It's a very big part of ME!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness: Days 15-18

Day 15 - I am thankful the entertainment and The Twilight Saga!!! Yes, the crazy vampire/wolf movie.  Stephanie Meyer did such a wonderful job with the books and the books were super as well.  Today, I am spending 12 hours with friends watching all the Saga movies and the premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2! I can't contain my excitement!!!

Day 16 - I am thankful for coffee!!! Without it, I would not have been able to go to work today after only 4 hours sleep.  Breaking Dawn was epic!!! (I'll have to make a separate post on it!!) I have never been a morning person and I depend on my coffee to get me going in the mornings.  Thank you lord for that wonderful bean full of caffeine!!

Day 17 - I am thankful for my grandparents, those that have passed and my Mamaw that is still with us.  They have been a huge part of my life.  My second and third set of parents.  Some don't have the privilege to know such joy.....I have been very blessed and I am thankful that God continues to allow them to watch over me.

Day 18 - I am thankful for God's saving grace! Without His grace, we would be nothing!!! He loves us even when we know we are unworthy of his love.  The greatest give I've ever been given, besides my children, is the love of God and his grace and mercy. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness: Day 14

Today, I am thankful for my sister, Robyn.  We are six years apart so growing up, we weren't really that close.  During the past 7 or 8 years though we have finally gotten that close sisterly bond.  She has been through struggles just as I have and we have always had each others back.  She is one of my best friends.

My grandmother use to always tell me the story of how when Robyn was first brought home from the hospital I knelt by her bassinet and prayed to God thanking him for blessing me with a sister.  It's funny that I can remember them sneaking me in the hospital to see her......back in those days you had to be at least 12 to visit anyone.

So, I am thankful that God blessed me with such a true gift....the gift of a sister.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 13: 30 Days of Thankfulness

Today I am thankful for my cricut! Yes, my cricut!!! It's the best gift my parents ever gave me.  It has given me so much enjoyment and been so useful in my classroom, as well as keeping me busy with holiday projects.  I love the art of scrapbooking.  Check out some of my creations at my other blog:  Heartfelt Creations by Rhonda

Monday, November 12, 2012

Day 12: 30 Days of Thankfulness

Today I am thankful for my husband.  We have faced many obstacles together, grown closer and found each other once again after many years.  Yes, I do believe in fate and I do believe in soul mates because I have found mine.  His compassion and love towards me is everything that love should be.  He tolerates my crazy Twilight addiction, supports my passion for my job and allows me to be ME.  It's the little things that he does for me that blesses me so like the sweet little note written below. 

Thank you God for blessing me with a wonderful and loving husband!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 11: 30 Days of Thankfulness

Today, I am thankful for all the brave men and women who serve our country.  Not only our armed forces, but our law enforcement, fire fighters and paramedics.  Without you, we wouldn't have the protection that we need.  To my father, my grandfathers, my husband, and all others who have served our country....THANK YOU for sacrificing your lives and time each and every day for us.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness Days 1-10

So I am quite a few days behind on the 30 days of thankfulness so I'll just sum it up as fast as I can! It's been pretty busy around here since Halloween.  I'm hoping to keep up for the rest of the month!

Day 1: I am thankful for my four legged friends who make me laugh, listen to my rants, give me lots of love and bring joy to our family.  I am so thankful that God gave us animals.  I would be lost without my pets!

Day 2: I am thankful for my parents.  My mother who has taught me so much about life and my father who is a hero of his own.  I am so very fortunate to have such wonderful and loving parents.

Day 3: I am thankful for my oldest son Ronnie. He blesses me with his musical talent and I love the person whom he has turned out to be.

Day 4: I am thankful for my youngest son, Brandon. His integrity, compassion and leadership skills make him one remarkable young man. One day, he will lead this country, no doubt.

Day 5: I am thankful for my middle son, Brady. He is one of a kind. He always makes me laugh and is so protective of his mama.

Day 6: I am thankful for my first born and beautiful daughter Brittany. God has blessed her with such talent. Not only is she my daughter, she is one of my best friends and a carbon copy of her mother!

Day 7: I am thankful for all the wonderful children that I have had the privilege of teaching. Watching their little minds grow blesses me and makes each one of them feel as if they are my very own.  Seeing those who have moved on to higher grades out in public just tickles me! The way they light up and run to me to give one of their precious hugs! I love all my students and I praise God for giving me the opportunity to lead them and minister to them through education.

Day 8: I am thankful for my step-son Joshua. He is bold, speaks his mind and a go-getter. He is so much like his dad and I am so proud to call him one of my own. Love you Josh!

Day 9: I am thankful for the every day things that we take for granted at, shelter, warmth.  On days that I feel down and find something to complain about I need to remind myself that life could be so much harder and that others are struggling far worse than we do at times.

Day 10:  Today, I am thankful for West Virginia University and the WVU Mountaineers! I learned a lot at that university.  I may have changed my degree from nursing to education, but I learned so much that if I ever have that desire again to change my occupation it is because of all the great medical education I received there.  And what university is complete without their sports team!! Let's Go Mountaineers!!!!