Monday, October 26, 2009

The Beauty of Fall.....

Mia Sue strolling in her backyard

Here are a few photo's of our backyard. Fall is my favorite season. I just love all the beautiful earth tone colors.

We have had quite a busy week. Ray is finally home from the hospital and seems to be recovering well. I think he believes he is Superman because he's beginning to push himself a bit too much. I am just thankful that he made it through that horrible ordeal. I truly was afraid I was going to lose him.

The boys are wrapping up their popcorn sales. Brandon has sold over $1300.00 so far! Brady finished up the classroom instruction for driver's ed and will begin student driving in about six weeks. I hate it that they have to wait so long in between sessions.

I went back to work today after being off all of last week to stay at the hospital with Ray. It was nice to be back with the kids and they sure didn't hesitate to smother me in hugs and kisses.

Well, off to set the coffee pot for the morning!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

In Our New Home at Last....

Well, after many months of long week-ends searching for our perfect home, we have finally settled into it. We closed about three weeks ago, but I have been so busy unpacking, painting and making it comfortable, that I haven't really had time to post any new entries. On top of that, Ray & I have both been sick off and on.

But we are finally in our new home. We simply cannot wait to do all the renovations that we visualize. But that will have to be something that happens over a period of time. Renovations don't come cheap ya know! :o)

The past few weeks we have focused on fixing up our living space. First, we had to shop for a couch. Ray decided a sectional would be best........(with a bit of protest from me b/c I thought that it would take up too much space). Well, I believe everything fit together beautifully. So I guess I'll admit he made a good choice.

Once we picked out our couch and area rug, I began sorting through paint colors. That alone challenged me for days. I guess that he & I watch too much HGTV because I wanted more colors and styles than we had walls too paint! Believe me, there are many rooms yet to be designed.

Ray has been busy updating all the electrical outlets and even added some wiring to a few areas that didn't have access to power. Now, if only he were an electrician AND a plumber, then we'd be set.

I've been out of work the past few days sick with strep throat (as usual during the school year it seems). It's been difficult for me to just lay still and rest because there are so many things I want to do around the house. Hopefully, I will be able to tackle at least a small project tomorrow.

I would have taken more photo's, but the battery on my camera died right in the middle of taking these. So enjoy what you can see of our living room! We still have to decorate with photo's and such.......just haven't had time to get them unpacked yet. Hopefully soon because I love having all of our kids pictures hanging around the house.

Hope all is well with everyone. Get ready to crank those heaters up........winter is just around the corner. Hugs!