Friday, April 6, 2007

Roxy.....the one who stole my heart!

This is our beloved Roxy.......the one who truly touched my heart. We lost her in October, 2006. A month after we had moved to NC, she showed up one hot afternoon peeking through our window. She proceeded to make herself at home in our garage. Once we found out who her owner was, she continued to break away from her chain and come back to our house. After a few weeks, I approached the owner and asked if she ever thought of selling Roxy. She flat out told me I could just have her!! It was heartbreaking to hear someone want to hand over such a beautiful dog, but it filled my heart with so much joy. Roxy helped me adjust to life here in NC.....she kept me from being depressed at that time because I was really starting to miss my family back home. But she helped me fill that void. Even though I had Mia Sue, Roxy was different. She was spunky!! The girl loved to run off and roll in the cow manure in the pasture across from us!! There were some nights I just wanted to gag!! LOL

When I had my surgery last March, they had to keep her away from me the first few days incase she jumped on me. But once she saw me lying in the bed, she laid right by my side, just like she knew. She was a sweet girl. I can't go into details of losing her because I am still trying to deal with it myself. Those who were with me through it can tell you I was lost without her. When we decided to rescue Meadow, I knew it would be what Roxy wanted and even though Meadow is not Roxy, she can help me fill the void of having a large dog around. Then, after Meadow came Pugsley, and if I had MY way, the entire house would be filled with rescue dogs and Eric would be living in his new garage with the kids! LOL

Oh believe me, there are more yet to come.........hehe

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