Sunday, April 8, 2007

I think we may need to call Rotor Rooter!!!

Well, this is just such an embarrassing situation! Poor ol' Pugs was hunting through the laundry hamper Saturday afternoon and got his teeth wrapped around his best buddies, undies! Well, when I noticed that he was trying to pull them out between those little slots in the hamper, he took off with it, ran in circles around my dining room table, and when I FINALLY got a hold of his tail, he swallowed them. WHOLE!!! I mean, we're talking size 32 Hanes Briefs here!!! And Pugs is, well, no more than 45 lbs. So, I'm chilling out all day trying to get this dog to pinch a loaf! He's pinched quite a few and NO UNDIES!!! The little guy is eating and playing just fine and I'm just about ready to get the Flax Enema out that my grandmother use to make my grandpa endure!! (that's another story, and for the most part, another demintion!) So, keep your fingers crossed that this pups take a dump soon and REAL SOON!! And I hope that it is when my neighbors AREN'T home because I don't want them to see me digging through his drainage to clean up the mess. The last thing this neighborhood needs is a pair of men's underwear floating around!! LOL have a good night everyone!
P.S. "Photo's to follow!"

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