Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Well, the first week of school has been challenging but full of smiles! The children are adapting well and making new friends.  I simply love this time of year!

The weather has been the only downfall thus far.  Rainy days are always the hardest during the school year....especially for the boys!  And since my class consists of 22 boys and 8 girls, they need that outside time!

Brady is doing well and I have enjoyed learning how to use Skype to keep in touch with him "visually."  Ray began working at a new job site this week.  For now he has normal hours but he feels OT lingering just around the corner.  

I spoke with my Mamaw on Saturday and the poor thing cried most of the time.  She misses being in her own home so much.  It just breaks my heart to hear her so down and depressed.  But she also knows that it's the best thing for her. 

Brandon has actually found a class that is too challenging for  They changed curriculum on his Algebra II AP Honors this year and from what he says, the teacher's don't even understand it.  He'll get through it.  He's never found a single thing to defeat him yet.

Well, off to spend time with my four-pawed babies.  Bella just sits by my side most afternoons with that look on her face that says "is it time for me yet?"

Thanking God for all my many blessings!

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