Saturday, June 23, 2007

Loss for words....

Today is suppose to be a joyous day for us around here. It's Pugsley's 1st birthday! Happy Birthday Pugster!!! Of course, Eric and Brady came back from Boy Scout Camp so that started the Pugsinator out on the wrong foot! haha He's barked at Eric every second he moves!

I spent all day sponging/ragging the bathroom and still have more than 1/4 to finish tomorrow. I've been distracted of course by the news and the unsettling news of Jessie Davis' death.

I am not going to make this a long blog by any means tonight because I just don't understand people. I don't understand the violence in this world......why would a father want to kill his wife and children in that SUV in Illionois last week and then have the guts to try and stand at their graveside?? And I think of that poor little innocent 2 year old, that more than likely watched his mother take her last breath and the future that he has to live without her. It makes me so angry!!! To know that her and her little baby girl died together when they should have been celebrating her birth in just a few short weeks. I can honestly say that I do not feel sorry for these ignorant cowardly people who do these things when God finally does judge them. They get what they deserve.

Please continue to pray for the Davis family and for poor little Blake. I told little Brandon that if they hadn't found Jessie by next Sunday, we'd drive to Ohio and help them crazy as I am, I would have. I've been to Nicole Brown Simpson's house after those infamous murders (had nightmares afterwards, but hey, I was curious). I am also thinking about taking up a collection of things to send to the little boy, Blake. Coloring books, bible stories, anything that can help that poor little guy. So, if anyone would like to send anything, just let me know. I'll email FOX News and find out how I go about getting them some things. If you think I'm nuts, then I'm nuts. But sometimes I just have these heavy burdens on my heart that stay attached to me.

I pray everyone has a safe evening and terrific Sunday. Happy Birthday again my Pugsley!!!

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