Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Reds 12, Tigers 13

Well, I must say that we played an AWESOME game last night! We ended up going into an extra inning because of a tie right at the very end. You wouldn't have expected that at the top of the third inning though! We were down, 10-3!! And looking pretty bad I might add.

My little preacher man went in at the end of the first inning to pitch! I have NEVER seen him pitch before!! I know that Eric has told me he has, but sometimes the boys both have games at the same time so since Eric is one of Brandon's coaches, I always have to be at Brady's games to support him and miss out on some of the things Brandon does.

He was so good........and so cute!!! I tried to take a few pictures of him to share with you all, but I had Mia on my lap and of course, the fence was in the way! But I think they turned out all right.

We ended up losing on a coaches call really. For some reason, the third base coach told the boy on third to run into home with the ball in the pitchers hand!!! I don't know what he was thinking!! And that was our third out. The boys played great though! Such a passionate played game.

Mia Sue got to attend her big brothers game and sat their the entire time without making a peep. She was so well behaved and seemed to enjoy watching them run after that ball (although I'm sure she would have preferec to be out there running after it herself). Kudo's for the Reds TERRIFIC SEASON!!!!

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