Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thank goodness it's almost Friday.....

Well, tomorrow is pay day and you know what that means after the week I've had. I am going straight to the bank and then straight to ACMoore with as many coupons as I can print. LOL I know they have their cartridges on sale, but I only really want one. And I have to get somethings for preK and pick up some cuttlebug accessories for my mom (and maybe me...). I plan on painting again on Saturday. Hip...Hip...Hooray!!!

My day was nice because I only had 5 preschoolers show up today so it was an easy day. And I got to bring one of the little girls home that goes to church with us for the afternoon to play, Miss Caitlin. She is such a sweety......long blonde curly hair and she never stops talking! LOL Very intelligent little young lady.

So, don't look for me to post much tomorrow until I get all my goodies from my stressful week. Whoo hoo!!! Scrapbooking is gonna be going on tomorrow night at this house!!!

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