Thursday, January 31, 2008

Boycott McCain/Romney two man debate....

This was posted on the blog site tonight and I have to post it. This is getting really out of hand and I am calling this number the moment I finish this and giving Romney's campaign my version of truth. I am aslo very irritated with Sean Hannity right now as well because he is basically supporting a two man debate between McCain and Romney. THIS IS NOT A TWO MAN RACE!!! There are FOUR republican candidates in this thing until they decide to walk away and Mike Huckabee flat out stated that he IS NOT dropping out of this campaign. It is from Mitt Romney's campaign that these rumors have gotten started. Here is just a sample of what is being said:
I received the following recorded message from Mitt Romney tonight:

"Hello, This is Governor Mitt Romney.The race for the Republican nomination for President is NOW a two person race. Our party, I believe, is at a critical crossroads, and the future of conservatism is very much at stake. I believe the choice before us is quite clear: Do we support the liberal policies of the Washington DC crowd, or do we want to fight for the conservative principles that have defined our party for more than a century? I believe that our policies have to remain rooted in conservative thought. Together, you and I can begin to change Washington. That's why I need your vote on Tuesday.
And my call today is being paid for by Romney for President, Inc. @ 857-288-6400."

Gov. Romney is making his own push calls now, trying to create the impression that Huckabee is no longer in the race! This is a complete lie, and he needs to be held accountable! The Huckabee campaign needs to call him out on this!

So I am challenging you all to make at least ONE call to this number to state the facts. I have also emailed FOX News Hannity and Colmes to express my deep regret in Sean being so bias and blinded by what is happening. The media is such a distorter of things and they are hurting innocnet people. People who are working hard.......FOR FREE, (unlike the Romney campaign). We believe in Mike and this will fuel us to fight for him even harder. I'm still looking forward to beginning my 800 call goal tomorrow evening!!!


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