Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sure feel that way...

Boy, this latest Maxine clip fits me well. It feels like I'm bulging at the hips....went from a size 5 to 7/8 now. That just stinks!!! And it sure isn't because of the cake and ice cream....because I didn't have any cake and ice cream this year!! Other than the chocolate chip cookie cake my preschoolers had for me. Maybe it's because I'm eating less??? Ha! Ha!
Not much going on just yet around here today. Today is my long day of classes right after work so I came home to grab a quick bite, check on the pups and the latest Huckabee news. Even though Mike isn't going to put any more money into Florida, we can still get quite an amount of votes so tell everyone you know in Florida to vote on Saturday and vote for Huckabee!! I told Brandon last night that I'd be making calls for the campaign for the majority of Saturday and the child actually asked if he could do some. What better way to get a vote than through a young child who would LOVE to vote, but can't!! It may be good practice for him because he claims that he'll run for President one day himself. After he's been a pastor, lawyer, and who knows what else!!!
Well, I guess I better shut down and get ready to head to campus. Stay tuned to FOX for me throughout the day so you all can keep me posted on the latest news!

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