Sunday, January 20, 2008

Church was cancelled for THIS????

Wow! Around 8:30 last night my deacon called to say they weren't going to have church today because of the "snow." I had to laugh because there was only about an inch on the ground at that point and the flurries were lightening up a bit. Today, we woke up to sunshine but a bit of ice hanging off the fence and the steps were a bit slippery....but nothing on the roads. Things sure are different here than in WV. They would flip out if they had to drive in 6-8 inches in Preston County!! It is nice to have the day off though......I feel like I'm in grade school again and school was cancelled for my birthday. Seems like we always had a snowday on my birthday.

I don't really want to discuss any of the SC Primary today.......I pouted for most of the night. Although we did come in a strong second. I think it was more disappointing for me because I had actually put work into this state with all the phone calls I had made and emails sent out. But hey, we have Florida......and then Super Tuesday.

Here are a few pictures of our "big snow" from yesterday. Somehow the boys did manage to build a snowman.....they had gathered all the snow from the back yard! LOL

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Aimee said...

I remember being out of school for 2 weeks for snow. I also remember digging my car out when the snow was up to the hood. NC wimps!