Saturday, January 5, 2008

I Like Mike!!

Okay, we're getting close to the primary election and after Mike Huckabee's outstanding win in Iowa, it's time to really recruiting others and getting them to check out Mike's views and honesty. He is the ONLY candidate that has publicly stated that he will not mudsling or air negative ads. Even after all the negative and illegitimate attakcs Gov. Mitt Romney has targeted at Gov. Huckabee. I applauded Gov. Huckabee for that because it takes a much bigger man to walk away from that kind of pettiness and run on their word and beliefs!!

After the win in Iowa Thursday night, I signed up to be a recruiter for the Huckabee campaign. Of course, I have been doing things all along such as having the bumper stickers on the car, widgets on my blog and email signatures, etc. Everyone knows I was talking about Mike Huckabee 6 months ago when not too many knew who he even was.

I urge you all to seriously consider looking at Mike Huckabee and his values, beliefs and his record. He is Pro Life, for our troops, and supports Fair Tax. Look at his record and you will see for yourself that he is not one that flip-flops like Gov. Mitt Romney and many others. Go to to help me support Gov. Huckabee with me.

It cost nothing, they don't want any contributions or can go to if you choose to contribute to his financial campaign.

You're going to be hearing an awful lot about Gov. Huckabee here until the primary election so if you get offended, I'm sorry but this is the first time (other than when my dad ran for public office) that I have ever gotten involved in a campaign. My involvement is based on my beliefs and values and what I want for our country. Also, being an active duty military wife, I want to make sure that the democrates don't tear our troops down anymore than they already have. Even though I don't like the war, or the fact that my husband has served there and probably will be serving there again soon, I support our troops and the fact they deserve to have the victory that they have worked hard for and others have sacrificed their lives for. We all give up something when a loved one goes overseas, and our military wives are often forgotten. We too want to win this war for those nights that we sat alone with the kids who were up sick and missing their dad, for those who brought life into this world without their husband by their side, for families that lost loves one's and their soldiers were not able to come home and tell them good-bye. For that alone, we need to continue our defeat.

So, get on board and join the Huckaboom! Elect Mike Huckabee for President of the United States 2008!!

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