Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008 Everyone!

I hope and pray that everyone had a safe night and that you are ready to start the New Year out fwith a positive outlook! We didn't do much here last night.........Brittany babysat, the boys ran around upstairs and had their own little celebration from what it sounded like below, and I scrapped until around 10:30 until my eyes started to give out. But hey, I tried to scrap the New Year in!!! Eric and I ended up going to bed and watching the countdown on FOX News.......yes, imagine that! hehe Then around 12:15, I handed him the remote and dozed off. I didn't even hear Britt come in or the dogs bark when they heard her. Now THAT is scary!

Tomorrow I go back to work........geez, I'm still waiting for some time off!!! I am still pretty congested but it is slowly easing up. Figures! But tomorrow should be pretty simple since it's just a teacher work day. Well, I guess I need to get another cup of coffee and do some housework. I'm trying to wait until the kids wake up..........how I remember the days of sleeping in until noon! Now I'm lucky if I can sleep past 7 am!!!

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