Saturday, January 19, 2008

A day around the house.......

Looks like today I will be chillin' around the house. I was going to go to a friends to scrapbook today, but they are calling for bad weather later on and I just have way too much homework to do to be honest. I hate that I'm missing a crop, but school comes first I guess. And this Psych class is already driving me "crazy."

Brady spent the night with a friend from school so it's actually pretty quiet around here (with the exception of Eric!). Today's the day of the SC Primary so you know I'll be glued to FOX News. As long as that arrogant Mitt Romney doesn't win.........we're good. I've never heard someone so cocky and full of himself. And he continues to lie about his record and things that he's said. He even has lobbyists working on his campaign. Sad that he can't play the right way.

I had a pretty good response to my calls made to SC yesterday for Mike. I think I was calling people in my sleep though and stating "this was paid for by Huckabee for President, Inc."! haha

They are calling for 1-3 inches of snow here this evening.........I know that all the stores are probably sold out of milk and toilet us not get a thing. It would be nice to have a little snow for all the kids to play in and enjoy for a while because it's so rare around here. At least for my preschoolers. Even if it snowed 6 years ago....they've never seen it because they're only 3!!!

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