Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CNN debate...

I've been sitting here watching the CNN debate tonight for the Republican party (the only reason I'd watch this liberal channel). I am so discouraged and frustrated, as with many other Team Huckabee volunteers because Gov. Huckabee has literally had to state he wants air time in the debate. It's all been about McCain and Romney and tonight, McCain really showed a darker side. Although, he did call Romney on the carpet for his negative attack ads against Gov. Huckabee in Iowa.

Romney is as fake as they come. He sits there with a plastic grin on his face, looking cold as ice. Is that what we want for our country??? I'm not sure who is worse.....any of the democratic nominees or Romney!!!

Mike has stayed very strong in this debate though. And I believe we are going to pull higher in the polls out now. GET THE WORD OUT!!! My week-end goal is going to make at least 800 calls. What can YOU do for OUR country??


Anonymous said...

I'm a pro choice / anti war Kuchinich fan....Huckabee cleaned up in the debate. Romney and McCain just sound foolish the more they talk. I may even contribute to Gov. Huckabee. He listens to the questions and provides thoughtful answers. If his support doesn't go up then there's really no reason to have the debates...he was the hands down winner.

Rhonda said...

It would be great if you could contribute and they don't have to be monetary. Visit Mike's website at and check out the phone bank. If you can, make some calls, if not just spread the word!!! Mike has stated many times that his volunteers are his backbone right now. We can help him win this election! Thanks for visiting my blog!