Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Focus is now on Florida...

Well, another week has begun and now it is time to focus on Tuesday's Florida Primary. Rudy Guiliani has put all of his time and funding into this state alone and if Mayor Guiliani losses Florida....will he continue on in the race?

Most media consults want to say that they believe that Gov. Huckabee will drop out after a loss in Florida......but who says that he will lose? Chances are that he will place third.....but we will not give up. Huckabee is a definite fighter and after reading his book Character Makes A Difference, I am even MORE impressed by the challenges he has faced in life.

Did you know that when Gov. Huckabee was told he would be the new Governor of Arkansas it was because Jim Guy Tucker was having to resign due to the Whitewater scandal?? Not only that, but Mr. Tucker made Mike's inauguration day frankly, pure hell! He called Mike ten minutes before his ceremony announcing that he decided not to resign....well, Gov. Huckabee saw that this was unethical and not what the people of Arkansas needed. He continued to fight the entire day and finally, with the threat of impeachment on the public air waves that evening, won the battle. Good for Mike! He saw what the people needed and hung in there.

I was also very disappointed when I had learned that all of his church members turned their back on Mike when he left his ministry for public office. They weren't upset with him because he was pursuing politics....but because he was in the Republican party. The cruel punishment that they had put his family through is embarrassing to me as a christian myself....let alone a Southern Baptist. Shame on them!!!

I have learned more about Mike's strength in reading this book and suggest it to anyone wanting to find out more facts whether it's due to the election or you'd just like to get to know one of the candidates better. Even though Mike has left church as a full-time minister, I still believe he is continuing on with God's work and is still pastoring millions upon millions today. That is what we need for our country! One who hurts when we hurt, laughs when we laugh, and puts our concerns above all others. Just like he did for the people of Arkansas.

Rumor has it that Fred Thompson will probably drop out of the Presidential race sometime within the next few days. Where will those conservative votes go? To McCain or Huckabee??? That could make a huge difference in Florida's primary.

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