Saturday, February 2, 2008

Listen up Sean Hannity and Mitt Romney........

THIS IS NOT A TWO MAN RACE!!! The last time I checked, it still involved four republican candidates....and Mike Huckabee WAS one of them! I cannot believe how bias and liberal Mr. Hannity has become about his views in this race. I respect the fact that he has his chosen candidate, Mr. Romney, but am appauld that he excludes the other two candidates from the race. It's sad that Mitt Romney has put in over 33 million dollars of his very own money for this race and that he still hasn't bought the nomination yet. Not to mention all of the contributions he has received during his campaign. At least the Huckabee campaign has utulized their monetary funds to the best of their ability and look, we are STILL in the race and we have come just as far as Romney, if not further! Not to mention all of the money that Ron Paul's campaign has raised in support of him. Mr. Paul isn't out there being negative and evil to his opponents either.

Last night while I was driving Brandon to karate I happened to turn Hannity's radio show on just to see what kind of bull he had to state this time. Well, he announced that Gov. Huckabee was going to be on Hannity & Colmes latter in the evening and that they were going to debate. He stated that this was the second time he has been the target of Huckabee supporters getting upset with him and he doesn't know why. Hmmmmm Sean....I dunno know! You're a smart man, figure it out! I'm sure if we were excluding Romney from the race you'd get a little bent under the collar. So, of course, I tuned in to Hannity & Colmes, even told my parents to try and catch it on FOX news (who never watch the news), and guess what???? GOVERNOR HUCKABEE WAS NOT ON!!!! Not even mentioned!!!!!!! What kind of crap is that???

I am sick and tired of hearing the Romney supporters state that Gov. Huckabee needs to step aside and get out of the race because he is hurting Romney. Where does Mitt get that Huckabee is in his way?? And I know for a fact that Huckabee supporters would not give their vote to Romney! He doesn't support the Second Ammendment, (he says that he likes to hunt but for some reason, he's never had a hunting license!!!); he was pro-choice before he decided to run for President and then he decided to switch over and become pro-choice. Are you starting to see a pattern here? Once a liar, always a liar! I want the President of the United States to be honest and truthful with the American people. And if Mitt Romney can't be honest about the little things, how in the world is he going to be honest with us about terrorism, the economy, health care and the education of our children?? Trust me, there is no Huckabee supporter falling for that!
We want an honest, sincere, President that works hard and turns the other cheek when a punch is thrown at him. Who stands by his beliefs and if there is an issue that the American people do not support him on and he could get hundreds of more votes if he changed his opinion, he's not going to change his mind to be a people-pleaser!! Mike Huckabee is a man of intergrity, strong character, and has a passion for our country.

Mitt Romney has also been heard quoting several times today, "....a vote for Huckabee is just a vote for McCain." Hmm, a vote for Huckabee seems to be a vote FOR Huckabee the way that I see it along with other Team Huckabee members. The names Huckabee and McCain don't even start with the same letter so I can't figure out how they could be voting for Huckabee by accident.

So, Mr. Romney, my suggestion to you is that you be the candidate to step out of the way and lay your very dim torch down. After all, you haven't stood by any of your issues and you can't even answer a question without trying to wiggle out of it. The majority of the media state that Gov. Huckabee isn't attacking Senator McCain because there is a deal in the works for vice presidency. That theory is quite simple to analyze. The only reason that Gov. Huckabee isn't attacking Senator McCain is simple.....he doesn't have a reason too. Senator McCain didn't run negative ads against Gov. Huckabee when they were head to head in New Hampshire....but I do believe you, Mr. Romney, ran several negative ads against both Senator McCain and Gov.Huckabee. So let me explain it to you the way that I would to one of my preschool students....."if you don't play nicely, then the other children are not going to want to play nice with you. In fact, they won't want to play with you at all." I'm sure that you've heard that you "reap what you sow, Mr. Romney, so now you are doing just that. And I have no sympathy for you, nor does anyone that I know have any sympathy for you, let alone support you. You are like the bully that likes to throw the first punch and be all tough around a crowd, but whimpers and cries to mama if someone even looks at you the wrong way.

Governor Huckabee publicly announced today in Montgomery, Alabama that he will not leave this race. He is not a quitter and once this marathon is over, then it's over. There will be an ending......and it won't be one in which Mitt Romney has any control. This race is far from over. The republicans need 1109 delegates for the win. Right now, Huckabee is in a very tight third. And I do mean TIGHT!!! Mr. Romney, it's going to be my honor to watch you lose this race. Your arrogance and pride win nothing for you. And I will publicly state that even if you happened to be the republican nominee, I would not vote for you in any way, shape or form. But that's not something I have to worry about........because you will never win. I want a real President for my country, not a plastic one!

Remember to make those phone calls at!! There are still plenty more to be finished. I only have to make 235 more before Monday and I will make sure it is accomplished. Then I'll turn around and be making calls to Texas, Ohio, Virginia, and other states in the upcoming weeks. We ARE in this race; we CAN win this race, but we need every one of YOU in order to accomplish that. Spread the word about Governor Huckabee to all your friends and neighbors, email them his stand on issues, or better yet, have them email or call me themselves.

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