Friday, February 8, 2008

Kansas Caucus tomorrow morning at 10AM CST

I'm telling ya, by the end of this primary election, I will not have a voice left. I could have made phone calls all afternoon long, but I only made around 175. It was nice to get the occasional Huckabee supporter. As of 8:30 tonight we only have 5,000 phone calls to make so the rest of the team should be able to get that accomplished. Gov. Huckabee had stated yesterday that he would personally call the one that made the majority of phone calls today. Well, that excited me, but it's not about the number of phone calls I's about what I believe in and I strongly believe in everything that Gov. Huckabee stands for. That alone to me is worth more than a phone call and the farther I can help him get in his candidacy....the more rewarded I am because I am a part of that.

Tomorrow, I'm going to work on making a big sign for the back of my car and try to scavenge up some wood around the neighborhood and have Brady try and build a sign so we can paint and put it in the front yard. We have a neighbor down the road that has had his little Obama sign up for quite a few months so now that we are really standing out in this race, it's time to let our red, white and blue colors shine above his.

Eric got back tonight from his first military adventure since being back on assignment. Geez, I sure was hoping for a few more days of quiet. Pugs has barked ever since he has gotten home. Well, I'm off to hit the books for a while. Remind me next time I get so passionate about a candidate to not take so many college classes. They interfer with my volunteer work! haha But who ever thought that I would be working on a Presidential campaign??!!! Certainly NOT ME!!

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