Monday, February 4, 2008

Mittens??? Can it be????

Oh lord, Willard Mittens that not a wonderful name for our President........NOT!!!! I'm so glad that Gov. Huckabee came out yesterday and stated the true fact that Mr. Romney is nothing but "arrogant!" AMEN!!!!

Well, I had to do something tonight I never thought I'd have to do....I had to give FOX News a little piece of my mind. They had an article on there entitled: Romney to Huckabee: Stop Whining. Ready for my response??? Here ya go:

Gov. Huckabee is holding his head high above all the negative attacks thrown at him by Mitt Romney. Romney has been a very unfair candidate in this race since Iowa. He is the one that launched the negative attack ads against both Gov. Huckabee and Senator McCain. It seems to me that poor old Mitt can't handle the heat. He runs with his tail between his legs when someone says something truthfully negative to him. I have never seen or heard anyone change their views as much as he has in this campaign. Nor have I ever seen so much arrogance in a political figure. I DO NOT want a President that lies to me and cannot be honest and truthful. As an active duty military wife of 14 years and counting, I need to know that I can trust the Commander and Chief when it comes to being truthful about my husband's life being on the line serving his country, and Mitt Romney is not someone who can be trusted.

Mr. Romney is the one that needs to stop whining about not getting votes. Truth is, he has put all of his own money into this race and he still cannot buy the nomination. Gov. Huckabee on the other hand, has played fair. I am proud to be a Huckabee volunteer and supporter. And I will continue to be just that. There is no way that I would give my vote to Mitt Romney EVER!! Gov. Huckabee and Mr. Romney don't even have the same values so the fact that Mr. Romney keeps stating that Gov. Huckabee is taking votes away from him is ludicrous. We want someone that has conservative values, sticks to their record, knows their views on human life and is not a quitter. Mr. Romney is nothing more than a plastic figure that will soon pass.

As far as "a vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain" goes......Gov. Huckabee is his own candidate and a vote for Gov. Huckabee is just that. A vote for Huckabee! If I wanted to vote for Senator McCain then I would do so. If the Romney supporters listened to the exit polls from the Florida elections they would see that more than 40% of Huckabee supporters stated that they would vote for McCain way before they would ever cast a vote Romney's way.

Mr. Romney needs to stop playing the blame game and suck it up and accept that he has indeed put himself in this position. My vote is for Governor Huckabee and he will continue on in this race until the end.

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