Thursday, February 14, 2008

Team Huckabee Only Grows Stronger....

Well, many of you have probably already heard today's news: Romney endorses John McCain. That's great! Terrific! The liberals should team up together. Which brings us to the most important point that Mitt Romney exposed to the nation today: He is not a true conservative and there IS only ONE true conservative in this race, Mike Huckabee.

When I first heard the news, I'll admit I was nauseated beyond belief. It really shouldn't have surprised me though....after all, Mittens has flip-flopped on numerous issues and to flip from being "conservative" to "liberal" is just another one of those moments for him I guess. I will state it right now, I WILL NOT vote for a McCain/Romeny ticket. I will just not vote if that is how the Republican Nomination turns out.

As far as the delegate count goes, here is how it works.

When Romney stopped “actively campaigning” he still retained his delegates. After the endorsement of McCain, they will be officially released.

When any candidate endorses, his delegates are released. But, one important note is that even though Romney will ask those delegates to support McCain they are not bound to do so. He has no “ownership” of them.

After searching the blogs and threads for Team Huckabee, I finally began to understand, along with many others, that this is not the end. This, in fact, could very well be a whole new beginning if we just keep the faith and continue to persevere!! If it's one thing I've learned by being a part of this campaign is that every time you strike out against Gov. Huckabee and you think you are about to bring him down......his supporters get stronger and stronger and align the Huckabee Army in position right behind Mike, if not a bit ahead of him trying to advise him by our wishes.

Gov. Huckabee is OUR VOICE!!! He speaks for me and my beliefs as a US citizen, a parent, a mother, a military wife, a one who has parents to worry about in the future as far as their Social Security benefits are concerned and health insurance. HE SPEAKS FOR ME!! He speaks for many of us and I refuse to lay down my torch and allow the rest of the Republican party to tell me that my vote will not be counted. At this point, they want to believe that my vote won't even be accepted since we do not vote in North Carolina until May 6th. But I have decided that I will be heard because Gov. Huckabee is a fighter and will not quit this race. He will make sure that we are all heard. After all, isn't it the American people that are suppose to vote for their leaders and decide who they want to command their country?? I feel like the nomination is being purchased for a price again now that Romney is involved. Of course, Mike Huckabee is also purchasing this nomination with a price. One of dignity, hard work, truthfulness, backbone, Team Huckabee support and thousands upon thousands of volunteers making phone calls to countless states each and every week-end!!! THAT is the right price in which the Presidency should be purchased for.

So, hold your head up high......continue to tell others about Mike and JOIN OUR TEAM for the fight!!! Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren depend on US to lead the way.

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