Saturday, February 16, 2008

A glitch here, a slap in the face there....what next?

What a night! I sat down around 3:30 to start working on my phone banks and got the first 60 calls finished. I had done 20 last night before going to bed. Well, the phone banks are jammed and there aren't any new lists being assigned once we submit our current list in that particular bank. Well, after stewing for a few hours (which I now realize was major wasted time) and trying to contact HQ to let them aware of the problem....I was told to just make up a temporary Ranger ID to get a new phone bank. Well, it worked!! I just got another 60 calls in. I would go for the other 20, but it's close to 9pm here and Eric came home so that means Pugsley will be barking! I could have made close to 240 calls had I thought to just do something as simple as make up another ID.....geez!! The sad thing is, none of us thought of doing it and I'm not sure how many Rangers actually took the time to go through the registration process to get to a new phone bank. Mike wanted us to accomplish 15, 000 phone calls to Wisconsin today.........well, I have only accomplished 140 calls and my usually daily rate is close to 240-300. Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day on the board!! And I can't spend all night working the phones because we have a Baptismal Service at church from 5:30-7pm tomorrow night. And I still have a lesson plan to right up for Monday morning class.

Well, now that I have a temp. ranger account...maybe I can convince my mom to use it and make some calls. HINT! HINT!!

Everyone is really raking Mike over the coals and I just don't think it's fair. He is staying in this race because the people have asked him too stay in because he represents us. This is not just a political warfare for us, it's a spiritual warfare. And with situations such as our phone banks being jammed up by other supporters trying to download our databases, it proves that we are a true threat to this Presidential race. I will state ahead of time that I am not thrilled with President Bush coming out to endorse McCain. McCain has NOT sealed that nomination yet and this battle is not over.

Remember in the Old Testament, the story of David and Goliath. Well, David was just a small, little thing. Goliath was suppose to be the unstoppable giant. Remember who won that battle???? I rest my case!

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