Sunday, February 3, 2008

Laura Ingraham

Okay, now we have another attack on Gov. Huckabee. Laura Ingraham has a section on her website that states: LIE OF THE DAY.....well, guess who was featured?? You guessed is what it says...along with the truth that follows (according to Laura Ingraham).

LIE OF THE DAY: Governor Mike Huckabee, speaking at the Commonwealth Club of California: "I'm staying in the race because I still think I can win."
THE TRUTH: In reality, he's staying in as a Romney-killer, hoping for a slot on the McCain ticket.

Well, what do you think I did? Of course! You all are getting to know my strategies so well! It's a good thing I was younger when my dad ran for office and we didn't have all this internet technology or else I'd have slammed some people real good. I CANNOT stand someone who cannot tell the truth and when you tell a lie to maliciously hurt someone, you piss me off even more!!! So, here is what I had to say to Ms. Ingraham:

Ms. Ingram, I am very displeased to see that you are twisting the words of other Presidential candidates to make the candidate you've endorsed to look better. Everyone knows that Mitt Romney has tried to do his best to buy the nominee and hasn't come close to accomplishing that. Why would you want to say that Gov. Huckabee is a "Romney-killer and only in this race to keep votes from Romney?" First of all, Gov. Huckabee started this race with the intent to finish, has raised all of his own contributions, and has worked hard to get where he is. He has the same right to continue on in the race as Mitt Romney does. After all, he did win Iowa and come in a very tight second in SC. Mitt Romney has launched several negative attack ads at both Gov. Huckabee and Senator John McCain....thankfully, they were man enough not to launch horrible negative lies back at Romney. And because they decided to be the better man, everyone wants to say that Gov. Huckabee is in the race to spoil it for Romney. Well, I'm sorry but that is not the way it is. Gov. Huckabee has a very good chance of knocking Mitt Romney out of his second place (or silver medal) positiion on Super Tuesday and beyond. We want a true conservative in the White House and Mitt Romney is certainly not that. He has changed his stance on so many issues too many times. I think that it is ludicrous and appauling that you would put these attacking lies on your website and promote them. And another thing that needs clarifying....Mtt Romney continues to say that a "vote for Huckabee is a vote for McCain..."anything to turn the attention on poor ol' Mitt. I know that I speak for all Huckabee supporters when I say there is NOT A ONE of us that would turn and cast a vote for Mitt Romney!!! He is the exact opposite of what our candidate represents. So, Mr. Romney is the one that needs to step aside and he needs to move out of the way because all the money in the world will not be able to buy him the nomination for President of the United States. But I would appreciate it if you published the REAL TRUTH and not Mitt Romney's lies and cries.

Now, I urge all of you to visit Ms. Ingraham's site at and speak up for Gov. Huckabee!!! Of course, she has recently come out in the past few days to endorse Mitt Romney. That's her choice, but she has no right to slander our choice.

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