Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Slow connections

I have tried for two days to post a new blog entry, but for some reason, my connection has been to slow to accept it. Nothing makes me more irritated than waiting on the stinking computer to load and not get anything out of it. Not much has been going on here any way. We are off this week for July 4th break from PreK. That means I get to do housework.......and do you know what Eric and I had the pleasure of doing last night? Going to Home Depot to pick out MORE PAINT!!! Lord, I don't know what this man expects of me! LOL

Here are a few pics of my youngest sister Molly. Yes, I did say SISTER. She is enjoying her daily dose of Starbucks. Sure hope I get mine soon!!!

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Photoscrapgal said...

I just had to say your Molly looks just like my Magic !! He is 4 and such a wonderful dog. I will have to post his picture on my blog. He just got a new haircut !!