Saturday, July 28, 2007

Prayers will be needed!!

Well, PreK Summer Camp ended up nicely. The kids wore their swimsuits for the day and they got to run and play in the sprinklers and little swimming pools. They were pretty brave!

VBS has also wrapped up. I had a total of 17-19 kids per night and I didn't have an assistant the last 2 nights so I was pretty overwhelmed. I had the biggest class out of them all. But I must have done something right because 5 little girls decided that they wanted Jesus to come into their hearts and get baptized. I was so teary-eyed!! I've never experienced that before. I am very proud of the entire class because they did pay attention and for that many 1st and 2nd graders in one room and only one teacher, they impressed me.

I am off to crop today!! Yippee!!!! Tomorrow I will finish up all the loose ends of packing up for the Youth Caswell trip. We leave bright and early Monday morning. I need lots of prayers!! I can handle preK aged kids, but teens are a different ball game. Well, I am off to crop!!

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