Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Thoughts of Roxy

I guess after the events that transpired here last night with the storm and my butt getting tossed to the ground by it all, I have had Roxy on my mind more than usual. I think of her each and every day, but now I really feel her fear. It started storming again last night around nine or so and the power went out. The lightning was so strong coming through the windows that I jumped immediately every time it flashed......not because I felt scared, but because it seemed to happen. And the thunder was enormous......poor Roxy was terrified of the thunder and every time it starts to rain or I hear there may be thunderstorms, I go to her grave and assure her that everything is okay and there is nothing to be afraid of anymore. And I that I will be thinking of her the entire time it storms. It's hard not too.........I probably need to be locked up in a straight jacket for all the grieving I do over her. And it's not even been 9 months yet. What a horrible feeling it is not to have her here with me. Even with Mia, Meadow and the Pugsinator, they cannot compare to Roxy. I had been searching for a headstone for her since her passing and I just couldn't find the look I wanted. So, the other day, I made her one myself. It's nothing fancy, but it has the love in it that I had for her and I just felt like she was right there with me while I was doing all the work on the side of the garage. She was always at my side when I worked outside. She still is too. No matter what anyone says. Anyhow, here is a picture of her stone. I just photographed it today so the storm got it a bit dirty last night. Sad thing is, looks like it may start to rain again here shortly. Just don't send the lightning Lord! My right arm is so tight today........I've rubbed it with BioFreeze but it's pretty tight and sore. Oh well, could have been worse I guess.......

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