Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lightning, anyone?

Well, when I came home from my fun-filled crop yesterday afternoon.......the boys immediately approached him with the "Can we keep him?" phrase? Baffled, I had to calm them down to find out what they were talking about. Evidently, a stray dog appeared on our door, I do believe we've been here before!!! This poor guy is an older dog. At first, I thought it was a female that was going to have pups because he has such a fat stomach!! After much pushing and pulling, we got him to stand up and found out it was a HE. He didn't seem to pay attention when I clapped my hands or called for him so I thought he may be deaf. After some very much needed water and some rest, he came out from under the back porch and was fine. He is old though. I can tell by his muzzle and teeth. But he seems friendly and loves following me around in the yard. Pugsley and him got to meet up and they seemed to be okay around one another, although not playful like Pugs is with Vader and Solo.

I did leave some food out for him last night (after I SWORE I wouldn't) and he ate very little. He seemed fine though just lounging under the porch. I will be leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for Caswell, so now I will not only worry about the Pugsinator being looked after, but Lightning as well. If he's here on Saturday, you know he's not going anywhere. I'm posting it on our local chatlist and have emailed friends with his picture. I just don't know what breed he is. He looks like he has Basset Hound in him. He whines when I leave him too.....poor guy.

I tried to consult Roxy yesterday as to what this meant and what I should do. I called Animal Rescue yesterday afternoon before I saw Lightning show any signs of life but then later last night, I called back and told them not to bother checking it out. I know that even if it means 5 days with Eric here, he'll have better care than the shelter. And that way I will know he is safe.

Well, I'm off to finish my packing and I have to make enough egg salad to feed 50 people! Pray for me this week!! And for all the puppers I have to leave behind. Pugs will be lost without his mama......

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