Sunday, July 8, 2007

Well, let me just say that a picture doesn't do little Isaac justice! He is soooo precious and so tiny. I went to see Amy after lunch this afternoon and spent a few hours with her. I got to hold little Isaac for an entire hour! Oh, he is so sweet. That little lower lip tucked underneath his upper one. Amy herself looks extremely well! I cannot wait to spoil little Isaac rotten!!

I decided to take the rest of this afternoon and SCRAP! That's right......SCRAP! I haven't operated my cricut in weeks!! I'll have to read the owner's manual just to remember how to turn it on!!!!! And then of course, Army Wives is on tonight......can't miss that. Well, I hope everyone had a great Sunday! Work starts for me again on Tuesday.......Lord please, no nursing toddlers! haha

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