Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th!

I hope everyone has a very happy and SAFE fourth of July today. Get outside and enjoy the sunshine if you can. It is so dry here that I think this is the first year we are not setting off fireworks (at least at the present time I haven't heard anything about it, but who knows what might be hiding in that garage!!) I found a set of brand new golf clubs in the garage the other day, still in the box and Eric once again, denies that they are there! Guess I need to take another picture and send it to my mom. LOL

I tried to finish painting all the baseboards and door frames in the bathroom last night but it's harder than doing all the walls! Geez! I'll never get completely finished. Then, this morning, I woke up with horrible allergies. I hope the latex in the paint isn't affecting me any like it did at the dentist!

I had my follow-up doctors appointment yesterday and the doctor could only laugh. Evidently, I have the healthiest ovaries that they've seen in a while.......there was not one spot other than follicles from ovulation present. 12 weeks ago I had TWO 2 cm cysts on my ovaries with a wall separating the two of them. Normally she said they reproduce into masses and can be very serious. Well, at the present time, I not only have no cysts, but no trace of anything ever being there. Isn't God great?? Prayers were answered again in a miraculous way. Maybe one day the doctors will just offer to pray with everyone about things BEFORE deciding what tests to run. Speaking of prayers, please pray for my best friend Cindy's mother......Gertrude. They had to take her to the ER yesterday morning and they have found an absess in her stomach. A pretty large one. They are hoping to put a drainage pump in to force it out and avoid surgery, along with IV antibotics. And poor Cindy is just drained from everything she's been through this past year.

Well, everyone.....stay safe and celebrate our freedoms today! Thank you to all the past and present soldiers who have helped give us the freedoms that we have.

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