Monday, July 9, 2007

Just thought I'd share my daily devotional with everyone. Remember to exercise your spiritual muscles on a daily basis. The more we dig into His Word, the stronger we get when the enemy comes around to challenge us. Hope everyone has a terrific day!
Melissa Taylor

“I love you Lord; you are my strength.” Psalm 18:1 (NLT)

I just finished reading an article telling me that once you hit the age of 40, you start to lose muscle. Well, recently I hit 40, so this piqued my interest. After further reading, this same article stated, “Muscle loss slows down our metabolic rate, makes it harder for us to control our weight, weakens our bones, and leaves us more susceptible to diabetes” (“Saving Muscle”, Nutrition Action Newsletter, April, 2007).

Wow, I thought. The same is true of our spiritual muscles. With the exception of the age-40 part, the same thing happens to us when we don’t exercise our spiritual muscles. You know what spiritual muscles are, don’t you?

Our spiritual muscles are our heart and mind. In order to keep our heart and mind spiritually fit, we must exercise them by reading God’s Word, praying, and keeping a godly perspective in everyday life. If we stop doing these things, our spirit grows weak because we don’t have the fuel we need to handle life free of fear, worry, insecurity, and uncertainty. I’ve learned the hard way that when I don’t exercise my spiritual muscles daily, these weaknesses creep back into my life and I forget the awesome power I once had.

As I continued to read on in this article about saving our muscles, there was some good news. It said that even if we haven’t exercised in years, our bodies will give us a second chance. “Just two months of strength-building exercises can reverse two decades of a typical person’s muscle loss.” That’s encouraging!

Guess what ladies? There is even better news for our spiritual muscles. If you make a decision to spend time filling yourself with God’s Word, drawing strength from Him, pursuing an ongoing and personal relationship with Him, you can reverse a lifetime of hopelessness, weakness, fear, or any other kind of bondage. Our spiritual muscles can be built or rebuilt. It begins as soon as your first workout!

So, if you find that busyness, work, family, or just life in general has kept you from your spiritual workout, decide to make a change today. It’s never too late! God is all about second chances. Plus, when you tackle life with strong spiritual muscles, the rest just seems to fall into place.

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