Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lightining strikes........

Well, I can tell you this will be short and sweet tonight! We had a terrible storm here around 5:30 or so. I was taking the dogs out before the storm came over us because I could hear distant thunder. Well, not long after being out there with my loving Meadow.......who takes FOREVER to do her business by the way......I saw ligtning in the distance, still quite a way's away. Well, within 5 minutes, it was on top of me because all I know is there was this big crack of thunder and I was knocked down. Of course, Meadow took off from me and when I tried to get up to grab her leash, I couldn't move. My tail had been hit by lightning!!! Talk about scary! I hit hard too because my knees were immediately scraped and bruising. My hands felt like they were on fire. So, after I get up, I have to try to catch Meadow running about the backyard like a child on the playground. I feel fine now, just a little tired and dry mouthed maybe. Legs a tinge tingly. But I think I'll live. I was praying while I was out there too which I do a great deal when I'm walking the dogs.......and had asked God for some sort of sign to help me with my decision or to confirm something I've been debating on taking a direction toward. Well, I meant a sign like a rainbow.....not being knocked over by a bolt of lightning!!! Oh pray have I don't have any mental defects from it any more than I already have!!!! LOL

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