Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy 5 Molly!!!

Okay, so it's been a while. You would not believe how hard it was to adjust being back home! And my computer has been acting up BIG TIME! I think the boys have been messing with it. Pray that Eric relinquishes his laptop to me soon! I'm going to be taking three college classes beginning Monday the 20th, so I definitely need a reliable computer. And I miss my internet!

Happy Birthday to Molly today! Maybe mom will take her to starbucks to get her some whip cream and let her play with her soccer ball. Mia Sue, Meadow and Pugs send a big birthday hug to their "Aunt Molly."

Caswell was AWESOME!!! I can't put it all into words it was that great of an experience. There were some very bizarre instances such as crabs being put in other peoples beds, riding down the stairs in suitcases and Brady was hiding in trees at night jumping out and scaring girls but getting phone numbers from them at the same time!!! Now what does that tell you about kids knowledge today??!!!! All in all, it was well worth the lack of sleep. Danny Braswell and I taught a small group of high schoolers (if you call 23 kids a small group) each day and it really went smoothly. God performed some major break throughs there and the youth are on fire right now. Heck, I am too!!! I just pray that it will last.

Well, I hope that I will get back into the swing of posting each day again. I am painting the dining room right now so that I can finish it up before school starts, then preschool again. I'll just have to get into a different routine so be patient and bear with me.

Have a Starbucks for me Good Golly Miss Molly!!!

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