Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A dark night.....

Boy, did we every have fun last night! My friend Debbie's daughter Michelle spent the night with us and the power was out from 6:30 until after 11!!! It didn't even storm that bad. I swear, it drives me crazy not having power for so long living out here. The sad thing is the power company is less than a mile from us!!!!

School is going good so far. I have 5 projects for one class to do, a term paper for another, and many articles and lesson plans for the third class. So I will be pretty busy. I'm not the oldest one in my classes thank goodness! LOL My first class was a little uneasy (I have that one again this morning) but the rest were good.

Tomorrow night we go for the boys school orientation. I just can't believe Brandon will be in Middle school.......poor child has to go to the same school as his brother. Last time they did, they talked about one another constantly! Sibling rivalry I guess. haha

Well, I better get some homework done. I didn't get to do much last night guessed power!!! I thought I'd share this group picture from Caswell. It's just the kids that we had there. Big group, huh?

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