Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My baby is in Middle School and...

Brittany is a Senior! Where did the time go? Today was the first day of school here. Poor Brandon has Brady breathing down his neck at his new school though. I hope and pray Brady has a better year. They all seemed to do real well. They are having a difficult time getting up this morning though. haha Now the only one left to get into the routine is Eric. He should report in a few weeks. THANK GOODNESS!!! He's been hanging around in the woods too much with scouts these past few days and he's got those chigars AGAIN!! He kept me up all night rubbing alcohol, calamine, cursing, etc. Oh well......they like him for some reason!

I got an A+ on my first project for my EDU131 class. I should, I spent 4 days working on it!! I really am enjoying the classes that I am taking and have some pretty wise instructors. It's sad that they know me by first name already and it's only the second week. Especially in my Monday night class where there is 23 other students! LOL Well, I'm off to take the kids to school today and then going into preschool to do some teacher organization for the upcoming open house on Thursday...then to class. Have a blessed day!!!

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