Saturday, September 8, 2007

It's been a while since a post....

Well, it's been almost two weeks!! I need to try and schedule blog time into my schedule!! A lot has happened since that first day of school for the kids. On Friday, August 31st, we mourned Roxy's birthday. She would have been four. I had purchased her some new flowers and trimmed up her gravestone. I kept busy so it made it a little easier. Of course, I had unexpected guests coming that I wouldn't find out about until an hour and a half before they arrived the next day. You guessed it, Eric's parents!!! They were fine this time, in fact, ERIC is the problem. It's like he enjoys playing us against each other as much as his mom does. He just needs to grow up or take a drive to Atlanta one! He's been acting too friendly this week as well so something has to be up that sleeve of his!

We started preschool classes on Tuesday. We have 14 students in our three year old class. 7 boys and 7 girls. It was a pretty good first day. It was a long one though because I had class right after prek let out. Then of course, we began children's choir on Wednesday night. I had 18 little singers there!!! It was great!

Thursday morning, I woke up with the hershey chocolate "doris runs" and started vomitting. Day two of preschool had to be a sick day for me. As well as day three. I must have had that 24 hour bug or something. So, I'm hoping that I can sanitize the house today and catch up on homework. I need some scrappin' time....that's what it is. I need to make a trip to WV soon too for a week-end. DESPERATELY!!! So I'm hoping to figure that into my schedule sometime next month for a few days. I need to see my Mamaw anyhow. Well, I'm off to clean.......but only minimumally. I'll try to keep up with this thing better.

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